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It's tiiiime





A groovy group for rating each other's avatars, whether you are a new user, or a veteran wanting to switch things up to prepare for an upcoming holiday or to celebrate a recent personal event!

I'm yer host Sabwhy, I like sandwiches and like to act pleasantly spicy sometimes.

And this is my Avatar!

Rules are pretty general.
1. No Hateful/Threatening Comments.
2. No Spam. Try to make your posts relevant to the group. This group is here for silly avatar shenanigans and first impressions!
3. No NSFW images, or links to NSFW stories and sites. This is site policy.
4. No RP sessions in the forums, this is also site policy.

But most importantly,

HAVE FUN! *Over-sized happy face emoji*

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hurry someone
rape my avatar

That is all. Equestria is ours.


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