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Channel link I do audio readings and can be quite silly. My tagline is "Candidly Sanguine," and my career goal is to become an actuary.

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Audio readings featured on Equestria Daily: 5
Other authors' stories audio read (in full): 47
Total chapters audio read: 77
Approx. words audio read: 261,232

Contributor to The Shameless Self-Promotion Bureau

Other authors' stories proofread/edited: 7
Chapters proofread/edited: 15
Total words: 64,691

Stories Written: 2
Chapters Written: 15
Words Written: approx. 44,032

All this interest! Love you all!

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My Little Audio Reading Credo

When I draw my sources from FimFiction.net, I tend to look at a few things: the genre, the quality of the writing, how easily I can read it, and how popular it is. The stories I read rarely come from the Feature Box on here, and, if they do, I make sure it's been a long time since they've been featured. I don't chase after "hot" stories. I also refuse to do readings of works for which I know there already exist audio readings. I don't find competition to be a bad thing, but there's a lot out there worth reading that hasn't been audio read yet, and it would be contradictory to this credo to perform something already recognized.

I do readings of dark fictions and generally serious and poignant works. I don't do romance works, especially not erotica, right now because I don't feel I would be genuine enough to make worthwhile readings for such stories, thus I don't feel comfortable doing them. I also don't read crossovers; I'm not a part of most of the fandoms the crossovers are made for, anyway.

I enjoy doing audio readings although I don't do them as often as I'd like to. I do them for my personal enjoyment and also for acting practice. However, I hardly feel right in audio reading the stuff that is immediately and presently getting attention. As such, I feel it is my place to do audio readings for stories that I think may have "slipped through the cracks" -- stories that may have been featured at some point but nobody got around to audio reading -- and stories that I think are grievously under-appreciated -- stories that render me disappointed on the author's behalf because they are so good but unrecognized.

A lot of people on here consider having free audio readings done for their stories to be an honor, and from this I reserve my choice to do audio readings for instances where I can extol authors for their worthwhile work. I understand that I don't have a whole lot of influence or a vast following to help bring these authors the recognition I feel they deserve and deeply regret that there are not a ton of ways, besides blatant solicitation, that I can move people to read their work. I understand that going out for the underdogs of fanfiction, instead of starting out reading what's considered to be on top, may preclude me from obtaining the "pull" and entourage, both of which I desire both for garnering extra exposure for these authors and for myself. However, I ascertain that fair is not foul and that foul is not fair; I will not let these principles be compromised. I may only be giving these stories a second chance in the vast and furiously competitive circles of the internet, but I attest as a statistician that a second throw of the dice never hurts.

Hey! Have Some Chopin While You're Here!

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[X] Successfully evaded detection by The Descendant
[X] Successfully evaded detection by Alcatraz
[Achievement Failed: 4/1/17] Successfully evaded detection by Vengeful Spirit
[X] Never angered a moderator or administrator
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[X] Never changed usernames
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What have I done for this fandom?

Works I've Audio Read (From most recent to first)

Video Link Rain, Rain, Go Away. by , recommended by

Video Link Hope by , recommended by

Video Link (Part 4) Reconnection and Breaking the Circle by (Featured on EQD)

NSFW Verbose Parody - Check my channel for the video. Big Pinkie Pie Warms You Up by , recommended by

NSFW - Check my channel for the video. My Final Confession by

Video Link Black Lotus by - Recommended by

Video Link Painless by - Recommended by (Featured on EQD)

Video Link Reflection by - Recommended by the author

Video Link Time by - Recommended by

Video Link The Weak by (Featured on EQD)

Video Link Those Who Are Oppressed (Story withdrawn for editing) by

Works on FimFiction I've Proofread/Edited for (From most recent to first)

Tales of Fillydelphia (ongoing) by

The Smiling Stallion (ongoing) by


Having a Dreary Weekend, So Here's Some Music · 8:42pm 8 hours ago

The best way to lift my spirit is for me to attempt to do something for others, so here's some music in case anybody's bored or in the mood to try some music.

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Alright I guess if not by Friday then I guess I'll PM you.

If none of them can get back to you with a week, at least, let me know. :pinkiesmile: I'm starting to get a little curious myself as to what you're looking implement.

Alright thanks I'll see if any of them can offer advice.

I'm rather surprised Princess didn't know anyone you could bounce ideas off of. Well, cdn-img.fimfiction.net/user/06s8-1431818651-2335-64 is my next suggestion. However, he is on a business trip, and I don't know when he may be able to get back to you (let alone me).

As for other people I consider authoritative, you could run down the list of people I've audio read for, but people I'd ask in particular would include cdn-img.fimfiction.net/user/l3qi-1431820706-27555-64 , cdn-img.fimfiction.net/user/glaw-1440868867-183262-64 , and cdn-img.fimfiction.net/user/k21h-1499109353-71150-64 . I haven't spoken with them in a good while. Jmj, in particular, is the author of my most recent audio reading, and he hasn't replied to me, so I assume he has had things to sort out in the meanwhile.

cdn-img.fimfiction.net/user/t6dt-1496825827-38628-64 is pretty active, but I don't know if they give writing advice. :derpyderp2:

Do you know anyone else I could talk to besides Princess Amore Dudette?

You're always welcome, Tilgoreth. :ajsmug:

Yeah thanks for the help. :twilightsmile:

Good luck, friend. If you need anything, let me know. :moustache:

Alright I understand. I guess I'll go send them a message then asking for other people to talk to.


But the people I've talked to really don't like anything dark or sad

I know the struggle. :ajsleepy:

I would say not. However, what I was saying, or perhaps meaning to imply, is that Princess Amore is likely to have more authoritative contacts who can help you than I have. I know a couple users here you could ask specifically, but I know that they are pretty busy right now as well, and I do not know when they are going to get back to you, whereas Amore is more active right now.

However, if you contact the people she and I suggest to you and still can't find someone to bounce ideas off of, I will make time for you; however, it's going to be a while. I was engaged to perform at least two audio readings before we spoke, and for the sake of fairness, I should address those first.

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