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I'm CreepyPastaSalad and Sensuous Sonority on YouTube, and I perform audio readings.

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NSFW - Check my channel for the video Facing Her Fears by , recommended by

Video Link Feathers by , recommended by

NSFW - Check my channel for the video. Obsession by (Featured on EQD)

Video Link Host by , recommended by

Video Link Equestria's Imperial Legion by , requested by the author

Video Link Applejack's New Security System by , recommended by the author.

Video Link Sweets and Sharp Objects by

Video Link Mister Lonely Heart by , recommended by the author. (Featured on EQD)

Video Link Hope by , recommended by

Video Link (Part 4) Reconnection and Breaking the Circle by (Featured on EQD)

NSFW Verbose Parody - Check my channel for the video. Big Pinkie Pie Warms You Up by , recommended by

NSFW - Check my channel for the video. My Final Confession by

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Video Link Painless by - Recommended by (Featured on EQD)

Video Link Reflection by - Recommended by the author

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Video Link Those Who Are Oppressed (Story withdrawn for editing) by

Works on FimFiction I've Proofread/Edited for (From most recent to first)

Tales of Fillydelphia (ongoing) by

The Smiling Stallion (ongoing) by


Some major personal updates · 7:09pm Aug 29th, 2021

I'll get right to the point: I got a new job! :pinkiehappy:

While I enjoyed my previous work, it was mostly thoughtless data entry and wasn't even close to full-time. I have clawed my way out of the welfare trap.

Read More

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I'm glad for your ebullient company! hugs you Consider my spirits lifted. :twilightsmile:

Heh, I just go around to whoever's recently been active.

You deserve a smile, awesome possum!

Trying to spread more kindness around this site. Always here to bring the cheer. 😇💖

You're my friend-a-doodle now. Have a cookie! 🍪

I appreciate the reassurance, friend! Thank you for stopping by. :pinkiesmile:

:rainbowderp: I wonder how you found me here. I've not been active much until very recently.

Is that the PS2 version that has similar graphics to Chamber of Secrets or the PS1 version that was my first video game ever? Either way, I'm not surprised, although I like the PS2 version better than Chamber of Secrets. I could never figure out the guard patterns in Chamber of Secrets and hated how Wizard Cards were unobtainable later if you missed any of them.

I'm very glad to hear you're making progress. I wish you luck with pursuing law school. That stuff is not for me. :rainbowlaugh:

Yesterday I sat and played the entire Sorcerer’s Stone game in one sitting as per a request by a friend. Took about 4 hours. I enjoyed it so I’ve decided to replay all the Harry Potter games lol. I’m playing Chamber of Secrets now which I find to be somewhat of improved Sorcerer’s Stone. You can tell this game had a larger budget.

I’m still somewhat recovering from my shameful drug escapades of the last few years since graduating, but I’m definitely on the upswing. Sorry to hear there’s been some bad for you. It’s been decided that I’m probably going to take the LSAT in the autumn and study for it over the summer, but it’s still semi-tentative at the moment.

Ooh! Which ones? I played the hell out of mine when I was younger.

I'm tempted to say abusively, but that doesn't quite capture it. There's been some good, a fair deal of bad, and a lot of wasted hours.

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Criminal Lyrics

"Oh, the worms eat away,
But don't worry; watch the wind.
Oh, the worms eat away,
But don't worry; watch the wind."
So I left Montana on an old freight train
The night my father died in the cold, cold rain.

A thousand doors, a thousand lies,
Rooms a thousand years wide.
I walk in the cold sun and wind.
All these years will not begin!

['Cause] when you are dreaming, you see for miles and miles.

Now I just stare into the sun,
And I see everything I've done.
I think I could have been someone,
But I can't stop what has begun!
When everything is said and done
And there is no place left to run,
I think I used to be someone.
Now I just stare into the sun.

"If you waste your time a-talkin'
To the people who don't listen
To the things that you are saying,
Who do you think's gonna hear?
And if you should die explaining how
The things that they complain about
Are things they could be changing,
Who do you think's gonna care?"
There were other lonely singers
In a world turned deaf and blind
Who were crucified for what they tried to show.
And their voices have been scattered by the swirling winds of time,
For the truth remains that no one wants to know. (link)

My branches, your cradle.
I've seen the rise of man.
While you wished upon the stars,
I never left the land.
You draped your villains on my arms,
Nailed prophets high on my chest.
In your mind you may be the master,
But in the soil we both shall rest.
Tree, tall as a mountain,
Older than fathers of kings of man.

God builds a church; the Devil builds a chapel,
Like the thistles that grow on the trunk of a tree.
All the good in the world you can put inside a thimble
And still have room for you and me.
If there's one thing you can say about mankind,
There's nothing kind about man.
You can drive out nature with a pitchfork,
But it always comes roaring back again.
Misery's the river of the world.

My life he claims for God above.
Can such things be?
For I had come to hate the world,
This world that always hated me. (link)

And on I read until the day was gone.
And I sat in regret of all the things I've done:
For all that I've blessed and all that I've wronged.
In dreams until my death, I will wander on.

Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose.
Nothin' ain't worth nothin', but it's free.
Feeling good was easy, Lord, when Bobby sang the blues!
Feeling good was good enough for me,
Good enough for me and Bobby McGee. (link)