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It's raining in Canterlot. Princess Celestia contemplates this.
A quick one-shot to work through some of my own grief.

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Thank you for writing this. You can feel the raw emotion and power this had- it brought back a lot of memories for me. Some good, some bad- a bittersweet mix that opened my eyes. I hope there will be sunshine in your life soon. For everyone.

I really liked this fic. Showing how life must've felt for Celestia during her life without Luna. How things just went on a loop for her The only problem I did have was in terms of the writing. The wall of text where Celestia is telling Tea Berry how she and Luna ascended to the throne. I believe it was inconsistently huge. I say that it should be broken down to a couple of paragraphs instead. Finally , I recommend you use the [][/] for italics if you want to emphasize words, instead of All caps and forward slashes.
But overall, this was a great sadfic nonetheless. Good job to you.:twilightsmile:

6430418 thank you for the feedback, I greatly appreciate it!! I didn't do much editing before slapping this up here so I will tinker with that a bit. :)

6430402 thank you for reading! I'm glad others can relate. I hope the sun will shine again soon, too. At least I feel better after writing this.

That was wonderful :fluttercry: , in a heart-wrenching kind of way. You've done an amazing job with the emotion here, the only remarks I can think of overlap with 6430418 .
Other than that, you've got yourself a fave my good friend, and here's hoping that the clouds in your life clear up.

6431992 thank you very kindly. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment! Definitely gonna sit down this evening and do some editing to polish it up.
Thank you, I hope the rain clears sometime too. I didn't work this story past Sunset, as I believe in my headcanon shortly after that was Twilight, and the beginning of the end of Celestia's incredible loneliness. I haven't had my redemption yet, and thus left the story here. Its amazing what little cartoon horses can do to tell a story of ones own suffering and loss. I'm really humbled that my little story here has resonated with others. Thank you so much!

Finally had a chance to do some editing, with your suggestions in mind. Hopefully it reads better now and thank you both for your feedback!

You're Welcome, my friend.:twilightsmile:

Always happy to help. :raritywink:

You're welcome! I like your stories. :) I'm glad you liked this one!

I love this story, it's so dark and sad

Sad I only just found this story. I really enjoy sad tales like this and I even felt myself tear up a bit with empathy as I remembered the hard times I had.

Thank you for this. I wish I had found this story sooner.

I LOVE this story!!!! You really captured Celestia's real character! Thank you so much for writing this!!! :D

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