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Mostly harmless.

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Oh blimey, how did I miss that? Shows how far I scroll down on my feed before my goldfish attention span gets me distracted... I'll check it out later!


Well, besides my involvement in SGFE(i30SoL)otPIF I just put up 16k of humanized cloppy goodness with plans to expand it into my longest fic yet, so

I look forward to seeing what comes from you, too :)

Nope, a full, proper collab thing! With Applecest! He is trying to get me in on the Starlight Glimmer one though, I might do an episode if I can find the time once I've finished the other thing.

Good to have you back, can't wait to see what you come out with.


I just came back myself, actually. Is it at all possible that the thing you're working on with Shakes is a chapter of Starlight Glimmer Fixes Everything?

I miss you too.

But I'm not gone! Just... slow. I'm working on both the new Mis-Shapes chapter and something with Shakespearicles which should be coming out soon!

  • Viewing 60 - 64 of 64
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