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Logic Puzzles · 5:58am Jan 19th, 2019

This user, Coyotek4, has this really great series of interactive logic/math puzzles written as conversations and assignments with the Studen Six.

ESchool of Logic: a Collection of Puzzles involving the Student Six
Miscellaneous short-story logic puzzles, revolving around the Student Six and their professors.
Coyotek4 · 39k words  ·  26  0 · 1.1k views

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Some of my more well-liked horse words.

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You too! Was an honor to meet such a legendary shitposter, and you were super awesome all around.

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Was fun meeting you!

Oh yeah! I forgot your name! AstralMouse! It was nice meeting you too!

No problem. Was nice meeting you at EFNW.

Thank you for the follow!

I really appreciate your time on Discord. :twilightblush:

Aw, thanks kindly for the follow, I'll do my best to earn it. And as you write enjoyable fiction you simply must have one back. I insist.

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