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Logic Puzzles · 5:58am Jan 19th, 2019

This user, Coyotek4, has this really great series of interactive logic/math puzzles written as conversations and assignments with the Studen Six.

ESchool of Logic: a Collection of Puzzles involving the Student Six
Miscellaneous short-story logic puzzles, revolving around the Student Six and their professors.
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Pun stories · 10:57am Jan 12th, 2019

My really dumb pun story got lots of comments, and I learned a few things, and discovered some other neat things on this site. I learned the word "'feghoot" (short story meant to set up a pun), I found a pun group, and I was told about a story called Ruined for Pun, which in itself is a nice pun. I've only read one of the stories, but it was good. It sets up an interesting story and then kind of ruins it right at the end with a

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In the featured box · 3:04pm Dec 14th, 2018

I'm not really sure where else to gush about this. But writing stories that people like has made me ridiculously happy. I've been pretty passive on this site until some ideas came to me recently, and I just felt like writing them. I didn't know what to expect. I was really happy with how my first two stories did. My third story exceeded my expectations when it made it into the "popular stories" list on the side. And now, just my fourth submitted story, and it's in the main featured box. I

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