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Chapter 33 Soon! · 2:30am June 7th

Don't worry, the story isn't dead! A new chapter is coming out Friday night, come Tartarus or high water! Lots of new job and life stuff has been happening plus the ending is... a lot of drama and action that I've been visualizing and feeling for far too long. It's been over two years now... (The last chapter isn't the next but hilariously close to it.)

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Well I’m glad that it was worth the wait in that case! Thank you for the wonderful comment that you left on my story as well! I’m a little behind on your story, but I should catch up on it soon! :twilightsmile:

Ha, "admire". Thank you for that, more importantly thank you for your story!
It was sitting in my read later shelf and I wanted something short and cute and realized I was meaning to read it way sooner! I wish I had! I'll go into more detail about why I faved it in a story comment later. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the favorite on my story! It means a lot coming from an author that I admire!


Wow! That’s incredible!! Thank you so much for sharing XD

It’s unlisted, and you saved it! HOW DID YOU FORSEE?

By the way, about Petra. In Austraeoh, in the later books, Petra is actually a confirmed location that was mentioned several times, and one of the characters in the story was actually last seen heading over to that place XD

Oh! The podcast I'm talking about is this one!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dy1tx0NY7Zo Skirts sat down with friends involved in The End Of Ponies (Ponky, prereaders, etc) and they just explained, via Skirt's notes, EVERYTHING beat by beat that was going to happen after the Dredgemane arc! Skirt's even went over his three attempts at writing the Petra Arc!

Oh, yeah, I was talking about my story Five Score And One For The Road. It isn't clop actually. There's some sex but scenes I'd be a little weirded out if people got off to them. It's pretty dark but I'd like to think it's heartwarming! You gotta have both. Ot's a sidefic to Five Score Divided By Four. It's not Human In Equestria actually, it's closer to Pony On Earth.

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