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Wasn't There Supposed To Be A New Chapter? · 2:04am Sep 12th, 2022

I haven't forgot! I have a functionally finished chapter with most of the necessary polish. Just getting some extra special help to make this as good as it can be! You're in for a real treat!

In the meantime, I'm working on the Final Chapter and Epilogue now! You can expect a lot of One For The Road this month I think; when it rains, it pours!

For all of you waiting until this is finished: the time is close at hoof!


Chapter 33 2/2? Soon! · 1:26am Aug 21st, 2022

Hello, Ponies! Goodness, it's been over two months since a new chapter. You'd think with all my *ahem* "free time" I'd get a chapter out! Unfortunately, It seems without structure and schedule I just fly in circles.

I want something out by the end of this month! I have a... currently unreadable rough draft I intend to forge into something better.

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Chapter 33 Soon! · 2:30am Jun 7th, 2022

Don't worry, the story isn't dead! A new chapter is coming out Friday night, come Tartarus or high water! Lots of new job and life stuff has been happening plus the ending is... a lot of drama and action that I've been visualizing and feeling for far too long. It's been over two years now... (The last chapter isn't the next but hilariously close to it.)

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Chapter 32 Soon · 2:18pm Mar 9th, 2022

This chapter is complicated, technically. I hope you'll enjoy it when it comes out this month.
Still fully intend to meet my secret "story complete by May 1st" deadline. The finale is going to be disgustingly fun but also easier to write, I think. : ) Just wanted to tell you I'm still working on it. It'll come when it's ready! :twilightsmile:

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Harmonycon! · 11:34pm Feb 16th, 2022

Going to be at Harmonycon this weekend! Leave me a message here or contact me through Discord if you want to hang out!

My other con plans this year are Ponyville Ciderfest and, tentatively, Trotcon.

Come be weird with me! Pretty safe bet there's probably going to be alcohol~

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Look What My Friends Made Me! · 8:44pm Dec 15th, 2021

When my story hit 1k views, The Amazing Alsey and The Awesome Aremna surprised me with this:
1000 Congratulations Imgur Gif

There are NO words.
Other than maybe "Wow. WOW. Wow! That's them! That's them! And me!!"
Sorry, I had to brag about how amazing these two are. Go read their stuff. It's TF! Good TF!

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No New Chapter This Calendar Month · 1:23am Aug 31st, 2021

Anyone who patiently waits for each new chapter (sorry) I assume you've come to notice a pattern on the last dozen or so: it shows up sometime at the end of the month. That's usually just the kind of arbitrary fire under me I need to get it out. This time I got burned I guess!

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Chapter 22 Is Out! Happy New Year? · 1:16am Jan 1st, 2021

Happy New Year.
New chapter is finally out! Pardon my delay. This is going out because I goofed on the publishing.

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2020 Schedule and Tentative 2021 Schedule! · 4:29am Dec 27th, 2020

Okay! Here's the plan for the rest of the year:
I got at least one chapter in the final proofreading stage and one more that's nearly ready for that as well. You know how this time of the year is though. So at least one more chapter for sure!

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Ch. 21 is out! · 9:10pm Nov 22nd, 2020

New chapter!

I accidentally hit the "Publish" button a few days ago on the latest chapter. I "unpublished" as soon as the button changed but looks like it already blew its shot. Oh well!

Chapter 22 later this week?

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