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  • 74 weeks

    Well folks, six months ago I said that, if all went well, Volume 2 would be finished well before year's end.

    So, uh... Needless to say, things didn't go well, and I'm so sorry I couldn't deliver as promised... :pinkiesad2:

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  • 103 weeks
    A Prench Tale – Chapter 16, ver.2 / Vol.2 News

    Hello dear readers!

    After so long, I finally bring some Prench Tale news!

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  • 134 weeks
    A Prench Tale Part 4 & Volume 1 Conclusion

    Hello dear readers!

    Well, it's been a stressful week, in an already stressful year, but there's still cause to celebrate! I'm talking about, of course, the completion of Part 4 and of A Prench Tale Vol.1 as a whole! :raritywink:

    First off, what's that 'Vol.1' business about?

    tl;dr: the whole of A Prench Tale is now divided into three Volumes, first one concluding today, next one debuting in the near future, with other, smaller projects in the meantime!

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  • 146 weeks
    Update on Progress

    Hello folks!

    So, at the end of Chapter 25 I said, optimistically, that we could get back to regular posting... And that was a little over a month ago. One reason for this distinct lack of a Chapter 26 is that life always finds new ways to throw things at me when I manage to get back on my feet, but the other, more prevalent and positive reason is that I'm currently reviewing and editing past chapters.

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  • 188 weeks
    A Prench Tale: Five Score Dreams

    While we wait for Part 4 to debut, here's a small chapter's worth of bonus material!

    (it is highly recommended to read Parts 1 through 3 beforehand, of course)

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Amazing Fan Art!

About Me

I've been lurking around Fimfiction for years, reading so many good pony stories, though I never thought I could ever write fanfics myself – I didn't believe I could come up with good fic concepts, and I already had so much to do for my original fiction works anyway...

But, well... Evidently, I found little pony ideas that just wouldn't quit, and I changed my mind ^^

Most of my stories (fanfics or otherwise) involve: transformations of some kind, usually as a starting point to explore concepts of identity in relation to the self, society, and the world; a focus on character development; alternate universes and worldbuilding; human-pony interactions.

Beside fanfics, like mentioned earlier I write original fiction (nothing published yet though), draw (including pixel art), do some 3D work, and traditional animation and voice work.

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My pleasure – to fave, and to keep reading your awesome story! :raritywink:

You absolutely honor me with that fave. Thank you! I'll do my best!


My pleasure! ^^

Thanks for the fav! :pinkiehappy:

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