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  • 6 weeks
    A Prench Tale Volume 2...

    TFive Score – A Prench Tale Vol.2
    Almost six months since our lives were upended by Discord's curse. Six months cutting ourselves off from the world, to prevent the spread of chaos. But we all knew it couldn't last, and now things will never be the same – for both ponies and humans.
    Alsey · 44k words  ·  13  2 · 283 views
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  • 127 weeks

    Well folks, six months ago I said that, if all went well, Volume 2 would be finished well before year's end.

    So, uh... Needless to say, things didn't go well, and I'm so sorry I couldn't deliver as promised... :pinkiesad2:

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  • 156 weeks
    A Prench Tale – Chapter 16, ver.2 / Vol.2 News

    Hello dear readers!

    After so long, I finally bring some Prench Tale news!

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  • 187 weeks
    A Prench Tale Part 4 & Volume 1 Conclusion

    Hello dear readers!

    Well, it's been a stressful week, in an already stressful year, but there's still cause to celebrate! I'm talking about, of course, the completion of Part 4 and of A Prench Tale Vol.1 as a whole! :raritywink:

    First off, what's that 'Vol.1' business about?

    tl;dr: the whole of A Prench Tale is now divided into three Volumes, first one concluding today, next one debuting in the near future, with other, smaller projects in the meantime!

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  • 199 weeks
    Update on Progress

    Hello folks!

    So, at the end of Chapter 25 I said, optimistically, that we could get back to regular posting... And that was a little over a month ago. One reason for this distinct lack of a Chapter 26 is that life always finds new ways to throw things at me when I manage to get back on my feet, but the other, more prevalent and positive reason is that I'm currently reviewing and editing past chapters.

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About Me

I've been lurking around Fimfiction for years, reading so many good pony stories, though I never thought I could ever write fanfics myself – I didn't believe I could come up with good fic concepts, and I already had so much to do for my original fiction works anyway...

But, well... Evidently, I found little pony ideas that just wouldn't quit, and I changed my mind ^^

Most of my stories (fanfics or otherwise) involve: transformations of some kind, usually as a starting point to explore concepts of identity in relation to the self, society, and the world; a focus on character development; alternate universes and worldbuilding; human-pony interactions.

Beside fanfics, like mentioned earlier I write original fiction (nothing published yet though), draw (including pixel art), do some 3D work, and traditional animation and voice work. If you wish to commission me, please follow this link!

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I know the wait is unreasonably long, that story keeps on struggling with me, but still working on it, still progressing, and hopefully soon we'll get to know what happens next!

Hey, this guy again. It has been a year and a month, I really hope you haven't given up on the Tri-State Girls, it is a nice story. And you also left us on a cliffhanger in the last chapter.

When update on Tri-state area girls?


My pleasure – to fave, and to keep reading your awesome story! :raritywink:

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