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A Prench Tale – Chapter 16, ver.2 / Vol.2 News · 3:59pm Jun 13th, 2021

Hello dear readers!

After so long, I finally bring some Prench Tale news!

So first off, let's talk about the updated version of Chapter 16 of Volume 1 (“Ties and Binds”). Like I briefly mentioned in my last post, this is something I've been working on on-and-off since I concluded Vol.1 (yup, really took my time here...); it's the only chapter that I was truly dissatisfied with – some scenes in other chapters are certainly sub-par, but don't drag their whole chapter down like it was the case here.

The dissatisfaction started before it was even published, but it was already a long one (~14,000) and back then I was very strict on my weekly publication schedule, so by the time it was out I had already laid out all the changes I wanted to make. As I was still very busy with the next chapters, I told myself I'd only go back to this chapter once the fic itself was done, and everything written after that chapter took into account the (not yet done) improved version as canon, instead of the one published.

Now though, it'd feel weird to review that Chp16 while otherwise leaving it as-is, so I decided to dig up my old notes and do the modifications. Nothing game-changing, of course, it's mainly toning down some veeeery out-of-character moments for Amber and Sweetchard's parts (the result of writing dead-tired), but it make me feels a lot better about this chapter. I mean, it's chapter 16, my all-time favorite number, I couldn't let it be a blemish onto the whole fic!

I still have to update a thing or two (looking at you, Chp22..!) as well as the covers, but after that I'll finally consider Vol.1 completed to my satisfaction.

Now then... About Vol.2.

The first Part has been laid down from start to finish, in details, and the writing process has been going on for a little while. I already feel much more satisfied with both the general structure, the way themes mesh with the narrative, and the quality of my prose – I can't wait to share it all with you! Can't really give an ETA, unfortunately, as I also have some art stuff in progress currently, but if all goes well Vol.2, Part 5 will be published well before the end of the year!

Until then, stay safe everybody, and thank you for reading!

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Looking forward to it! :twilightsmile:

Always excited to hear more about your story! Looking forward to your changes and what’s to come!

Always glad to hear news about this wonderful story, I can't wait to see what Volume 2 brings! :yay:

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