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Update on Progress · 5:52am Aug 17th, 2020

Hello folks!

So, at the end of Chapter 25 I said, optimistically, that we could get back to regular posting... And that was a little over a month ago. One reason for this distinct lack of a Chapter 26 is that life always finds new ways to throw things at me when I manage to get back on my feet, but the other, more prevalent and positive reason is that I'm currently reviewing and editing past chapters.

It's something I've wanted to do for a little while, and I found the good opportunity to get to it. The main goal is to add invisible tags for labeling PoV changes, thanks to the magic of changing text opacity, as PoV changes were until now only labeled with images – a problem for any person using text-reader software.

While I'm at it, I'm also doing some light editing, slaying dirty typos, reformulating some sentences for improved clarity, and making sure all the chapters of Part 1 get to have these nice, delightful round wordcount numbers (yes I'm crazy). These changes never include essential information you'd miss out on, nor additional foreshadowing or whatever.

Well, until I got to reviewing Chapter 16, that is.

As I wrote back in the Part 3 conclusion post, this chapter was rushed while I was dead-tired, causing issues like extreme, near-OOC behavior for Amber and Chard and leading me to cut some minor parts to finish on time. I wanted to go back and edit this chapter, but that'd have taken more time I didn't have, so I postponed it to some later, less-rushed days. As this was only an issue of 'when' and not 'if', I wrote the following chapters with the planned changes in mind, rather than the version of Chp16 that was then published.

Back to the present, and me starting to review Chp16. It felt pretty weird to review a chapter that I knew would eventually end up changed in substantial ways, so I decided to finally get to this postponed rewrite. Like I mentioned earlier, all changes were decided well in advance, so this won't take me too long. The improved chapter will receive a little '(v2)' mention after the title once it's done.

After that, there'll be six chapters left to review and to receive invisible tags, then I'm back full-tilt on Chp26 (I've managed to stop myself from trying to rewrite the honestly sub-par Prologue, at least!).

Stay safe out there everyone, and see you soon!

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