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If an ass goes traveling, he'll not come home a PONY - Thomas Fuller

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New (April Fool's) Chapter out for Sunset Shimmer - Six Friends One Heart - Side Stories! · 11:18pm April 1st

A new chapter out, Just for Today! April Fools! :pinkiehappy:

No, really. I've just released the silly little April Fool's chapter I've been waiting to post forever. Happy April Fools day, everyone! :rainbowlaugh:

Meet General Change Freeze, and his adjunct, Major Outage. :facehoof:

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Thanks for the watch and favorites on Forbidden Melodies and Electro Swing! I hope you enjoy what my brain comes up with.

It is so on my watch-list. :raritywink:

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Congratulations, you have earned the...

Remember, what happens in the Omegaverse, stays in the Omegaverse!

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Thanks for giving 'Five Score:East Dormitory' a fave!

Thank you for liking my story Paws Over Claws ^^

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