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I'm an aspiring writer looking to cut my teeth with short stories, and what better way than to write about ponies?


2019 is off to an amazing start · 3:07pm Mar 1st, 2019

Hello all. Hope the first two months of 2019 have treated you well.

In my case, there has certainly been no shortage of work. People going on vacation, another coworker getting sick, the long and short of it is, I got a lot of overtime that I was not anticipating. I was hoping to write this before the end of the month, but that just didn't pan out.

Now, onto the business.

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Thank you very much. It's a little staggering just how much time has passed. Of course, I loved every moment of it. The only thing I would change is to post more stories, but I'm working on it.

I return the salute and hope you have an equally awesome day. :yay:

Dude, you are an amazing veteran of the site and I salute you! :yay: I hope you have a good day.

1900274 Thank you very much, and you are quite welcome. :yay:

Thanks so much for the follow. Btw, i love your name, it's awesome. XD

1866057 And thank you very much for sharing it with us. It was a great insight into Fluttershy's empathy.

Thank you so much for stopping by to read "Lost" and adding it to your favorites.

1847660 Unfortunately, I'm at work right now, so I won't be able to help you much, or, at least, respond quickly. In fact, I won't be able to respond until after 10:00 PM Central Time.

patroison, can you help me on the Long Description for story?

1847523 Always happy to make a new friend. :yay:

1847520 thank you patroison. Hey you to be friends? And can you follow me as well?

1847519 That's a good plan. I tried looking for a Dexter group, and, to my surprise, there isn't one here. Still, you may come across someone who is not only willing to help, but is also a fan of the show. You'll get twice the help from the same person!

1847517 it's okay that why i ask every bodies help me on make this story.

1847516 I'll be happy to help however I can, but, as I said, I know very little about the show itself.

1847514 thank you and i need some help on making this story.

1847512 I would like to read it, but it's more important that you think you'll enjoy writing it. If so, then I look forward to reading it.

1847509 It's alright and still want me to make the story anyways?

1847495 Unfortunately, I haven't seen the show Dexter, but I do know something of the premise. I think Fluttershy might make an interesting choice for the part of Dexter since it would be easy to maintain the friendly appearance of her normal day job. If I remember right, Dexter is a medical examiner, so that also fits with Fluttershy's knowledge of medicine... kind of.

Sound interesting. Sorry I couldn't be much help.

patroison, would you like me make a story about dexter TV series where fluttershy portray as dexter morgan and even the story portray dexter the TV series episodes and the seasons. What do you think?

  • Viewing 92 - 111 of 111
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