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ACTUALLY. One more thing that EVERYONE interested in my stories should see! · 2:40am Feb 23rd, 2015

I'm thinking of starting over. Getting rid of all of my stories. Sure some of you may like some of them, but when I see them, all I see are attempts at trying to be a good writer, and they all make me cringe. So I was thinking if it would be alright to get rid of all my stories (or at least list them as cancelled.) Is that cool everyone?

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Fearanger's human name is Zorrow Bialeki. Zorrow is a vulnerable and weak Stalker. He devotes most of his spare time into spying on his true love Applejack but Big Mac thinks he just wants to rape her when all he wants to do is see what she does in her daily life and try to find the confidence to talk to her. He is a loyal friend and will always try to find a way to help his friends in any way. His best friend is Seth who he has hung out with ever since grade 1! He has a weak stomach but is also a bit brave. Just see the chapter Stallion VS wild but that chapter also reveals that not only does he have a weak stomach but he is also very faint of heart when it comes to situations like that. His family and backstory is still a mystery so alot more of this stallion is still a mystery to those who know about him.

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