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All hail the bot that followed 13,000 readers, and was banned after 15 hours!
Link to all the shenanigans here.

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297310 I have now responded to your post randomly because I am avoiding my EMT book chapters, HUZZAH!!

297290 Never worry about what I right

I expected more, the amount of members disturb me

This group is best group :moustache:

295778 the good die young. :fluttershbad:


Good night, sweet princeV2.

295671 It was fun, I saw a message of someone following me, I thought it would be a friend but it was a bot. :rainbowkiss: First time I've ever seen such a thing, I actually spent an hour pressing f5 just to see how far it would get lol, it got to 13k before getting the ban hammer.

295670 Apparently, he watched me and then he must've been banned a couple of seconds later.

295669 I've no idea what you mean since, the bot was banned lol. :rainbowlaugh:

But I understand though, gaining a follower through hours of editing proofreading and brainstorming is nice. :pinkiesmile:

295668 Oh, so it attracts attention by making you look famous? I won't tolerate none of that! I get my followers well done and ripe! :twilightangry2: (translation: I get my followers fair and square. No bots for me! :twilightangry2:)

295667 I've no idea but it makes others watch each other apparently, who knew being watched would give you a warm fuzzy feeling? :rainbowhuh:

... Are these bots dangerous? :pinkiesad2:

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