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Good luck with your life Vita. :moustache:

Wow, 91 weeks ago I left. Strange.
For anyone who doesn't read the blog, here:

Hey guys, this is going to be quick and simple, because I left everyone whom I cared for in the dust with no comment. For those who might stumble upon this some time or if any of my followers are even still around, then here's why I left:

Brutal honesty, I care what my friends and other think of me. Despite my efforts to not care, I do. It's plain and simple and my group of friends don't like MLP in any way. I stopped after watching Season 2 and I did in fact meat a Brony in real life, during my time in the military. It was cool, we had kind of a secret friendship that no one else understood. Now, it's not that I'm embarrassed to watch the show, it's that I don't watch it and it's a part of my life I've left behind.

Why were stories removed? So my friends can never read them, ever. Plain and simple, I'm embarrassed of my work that I genuinely cared about. Pathetic, isn't it? I'm working on a story that isn't pony related in any way for the future and it will be a proper book. Something that I will hold dear to my heart and something I will be proud of. Not saying I wasn't proud of my fanfics, they were just messed up in my mind so I don't want my friends seeing them, ever. Sorry.

I hope you're all well and I wish you the best if you happen to stumble upon this. And if you still are here wondering when the next chapter of anything is coming out, it's a 1/1,000,000 I will make another, sorry about the odds.

Have a wonderful life.

wut happen to your wish came true? :applecry:

Why did you take down the story, "Your Wish Came True" and the sequel?

Vita please come back and soon!

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