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Thanks for the favorite on Dusk Shine's Saga! :twilightsmile*

Indeed, Though I Wish you the best with your Works! Eventually I'll get around to Writing my Own little worlds, Till then I'll take comfort in yours- And many others.

Why thank you. I'm currently going through trying to push through Summer Laziness with school starting up soon for me. I've barely managed to get one chapter out all summer, so i want to get back into the swing of things and get more chapters out more often, but I've still got to work up the ability to motivate myself to write more often. There are too many distractions when you've got nothing to do on a break period.

Well, I Have been here awhile- The best Stories i've read though would have to be from "BioChemicalWolfGear" And "Ceehoff"- And Finally "Zamairiac" Though it won't be long before I Start recommending you to people! ^^

Because you have great taste in stories. :3

  • Viewing 94 - 98 of 98
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