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Don't spend your whole youth saving up for your old age, instead spend your youth doing what you want. Deal with the rest later. You'll be forgotten in 100 years, so might as well enjoy life now.

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That time again: Send in your OC's for LTD · 5:46am Mar 26th, 2023

Welp, part 5 draws to an end, and I've decided to do a part 6 in my spare time. Fair warning, it's going to be much more offensive and not very 'PC', so you've been warned.

Anyways, just like in 2011, I'm taking OC submissions for new characters.

A few points:

  • New Bronies will need to be treated like they've just arrived in Equestria after the Rapture, so keep that in mind.
  • Any OC's other than bronies are okay, but Bronies are more likely to be accepted.

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I'm glad you enjoyed it XD I'm still around, just not an active creator anymore.

OMG you were back a week ago enjoyed your story it was rad man first long I ever read damn good though

Comment posted by Kickass222urmom deleted Dec 6th, 2016

Thanks for the follow! :twilightsmile:

Get back to writing 5 minutes is too long to wait for an update:)
(Ha ha ha note pardon typyein made at 11:35pm on my phone while im in bed (dumb small keys))
hold the phone just looked at the last update 4 years are you kidding me (edited in my office)

Glad to see you're still kicking. :)

Active 3 days ago?! You're still with us?! :D

I was wondering if you were going to go back to working on

Doctor Who: Adventures with Twilight Sparkle

I really liked that story. Sorry if this question is annoying.

I am XD the guys a cool dude.

Hey, you're that guy that read your own story with Sandspeed.

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