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That time again: Send in your OC's for LTD · 5:46am Mar 26th, 2023

Welp, part 5 draws to an end, and I've decided to do a part 6 in my spare time. Fair warning, it's going to be much more offensive and not very 'PC', so you've been warned.

Anyways, just like in 2011, I'm taking OC submissions for new characters.

A few points:

  • New Bronies will need to be treated like they've just arrived in Equestria after the Rapture, so keep that in mind.
  • Any OC's other than bronies are okay, but Bronies are more likely to be accepted.

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Frederic’s D&D campaign · 2:28pm Mar 16th, 2023

I got together with Yamston and created a quick one off video surrounding Frederic hosting a D&D night with his friends Cody, Greg, Lance, and Peter.

The voices are AI generated, which were cloned from recordings of the lovely Duhad who voices all these characters in the Let’s Read YouTube series.

This is canon but meant to be taken as a joke, so sit back and enjoy.

Warning: offensive language and Greg antics.

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New LTD Trailer · 8:39pm Jan 9th, 2023

Here's the newest trailer for Living the Dream. All art in this video is courtesy of Yamston

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Living the Dream: Questions, comments, concerns · 8:59pm Dec 2nd, 2022

I’m not sure how many people care or are still following LTD’s continuation, but I wanted to make this blog post anyways.

I meant to do this at the end of Part 4, but I’m forgetful.

So use this blog post to ask any questions you all may have, or any concerns that you could have. I’d also love to hear comments about the continuation as well.

Obviously I not giving away any spoilers for the story.

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What could of been · 8:39pm Oct 11th, 2022

Now that part 3 is finished, I wanted to post a video I made for it back in 2016. This was the original concept for part 3, with more of a focus on a Lance who didn’t want to be saved. Lance was regretful of his actions and who he had become, and Scamp was going to be the one to try and break him out of his depression.

It was also going to be co authored by another user on this site, but it never happened for some reason or another.

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LTD Animatic · 3:09am Aug 28th, 2022


A note · 1:10am Sep 1st, 2016

It's been four years since I dropped out of the community, and I really don't plan to get back into the show.

But finally, after a few years, I have plenty of time to write. I've taken up being a day/night security guard, and have to much time in between patrols.

Am I back? Yes and no, I just plan to do some writting and maybe continue some.

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So... · 12:18pm Mar 5th, 2015

Who's still around?

Short blog after two years or so. Just curious, I may or may not try and get back into the community.

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One year later, and finally some news · 6:40am Oct 15th, 2013

Okay yes, it's been a bit more than a year.

First things first, I am not eally back. Just giving a update of sorts.

To anyone that cares, LTD will be getting ending. But it'll be more than five months from now due to work and a few other things.

Also, a phrase of warning: "Zero remain, all is as it started."

I'll let you all just ponder it's meaning. And yes, it portrays LTD's ending. And it should be a unique ending, maybe.

Anyways, to any that remain, see ya.

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Who sent those to my house? · 12:12am Feb 7th, 2013

Okay, a few days ago a package arrived for me. And I have just now opened it. What was inside was a bit of a surprise to me:

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