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Reign of Chaos Online is the only game of its kind in Equestria, the only game that allows ponies to play together in an ever changing world, and thanks to the new machine that it is played on, everyone can experience the game themselves by actually putting themselves in the games world.

But when everyone playing the game is suddenly unable to leave it, it sends everyone in the real world into a panic. This is where Vinyl Scratch, famous mute DJ, comes into the equation. While not a gamer herself, her roommate, Octavia Melody, has gotten herself stuck in the game along with everyone else who was logged in. Fearing for her friends safety, Vinyl must go into the game itself and put herself at risk, and come face to face with the true meaning of Chaos.

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And so he shall reign supreme.

I'll admit, that anime is part of the inspiration for this story, but there's plenty of other shows and stories that inspired this story. For example, the leveling system is vaguely based on the one used in "Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon" even though that one isn't exactly a MMO. SAO, while interesting, is probably my least like show based on this subject.

im confused. cobalt seems to change his level often. he goes from level 3, to 9, to 29, to level 5.

Oops, I knew I missed a few. I changed the leveling system twice while writing, must have missed a few.

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