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Amateur illustrator and MLP fan from West Virginia. Obviously my favorite food is hamburgers. And obviously Applejack is best pony. The truth hurts.


Octavia's performance at the wedding of Princess Cadence was cancelled, and her ensemble was replaced by a mysterious DJ! When she goes to investigate, she discovers a world of music she never imagined from the turntables of Vinyl Scratch. She takes a chance and follows the DJ back to her home in Ponyville, and begins a journey full of music, love, laughs, some tears (maybe?), and... an evil plot!? What?

Let's read along, shall we? But brace yourself... it's gonna take a while.

Each chapter comes with a one-panel comic in the author's notes, drawn by yours truly!

Chapters (28)
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Comments ( 464 )

A nice take on the duo. Looking forward to reading more on the two.:eeyup:

I must say this for the record... I only just read the synopsis and I already like it... :scootangel:

While the ScratchTavia pairing has been done over and over again, this is the first time I see Octavia admiring Vinyl´s musical style, instead of butting their heads about classic vs techno.


Uh-oh! That's pretty ambiguous!

Must :pinkiecrazy: not :pinkiecrazy: panic! :pinkiecrazy:


Thanks! Sorry there's not much going on in the first 3 chapters!


That'll do Scootaloo. That'll do.


Good observation! It's actually going to be the focal point of their relationship.


Good. Good. I have you right where I want you. >:3

I hate pointing things out, it makes me feel mean...:pinkiesad2:
But...maybe too many "off"s in this sentence? :derpyderp1:

...laying flat on the cushion (which mirrored Vinyl to a T), and laugh off this whole situation off.


Edit: Forgot to say - LOVE IT!


Thanks for pointing that out! I am my own editor and completely guilty of skimming while I proofread (not a great combo!) :facehoof:

Glad you're enjoying it!

3589701 It's no problem :twilightsmile:
Can't wait for more :rainbowdetermined2:.

The odd couple returns! Love it!

I like this. This is a solid octy and vinyl story so far. Look forward to the next chapter

"Why yes, I did finish class valedictorian and always had perfect grades in Ponyish."

"Oh is that a fact? So you think that because you are soooo much smarter than everypony else that you know everything?"

"No! Of course not! But I do know about this!"

"Well I think you're wrong!"

"Well I know you're wrong!"

"How can you tell!?"

"My education!"

"Oh, can it you snob!"

"You'd better retract that, troglodyte!"

"MAKE ME! Wait, trogla-what?"

I kinda lost who's talking at this point. o.o

Other then that, the bracketed sentences make the story a little personal, and it's nice xD A little cliche with the pushing and Tavi meeting Vinyl then, but then the little twist at the end just made me rofl. GJ :moustache:

Thumbs + Fav.

"I shouldn't have to! Her name is 'Berry,' for Celestia's sake. Take it from there!"

"What are you talking about? How does that help me identify her?"

"Obviously she's got berries on her cutie mark and she's like- fruit colored!"

LOL... :rainbowlaugh: Do you think 'berry-coloured' would be as funny?

Well this certainly was an interesting read, The running word gags amuse me to some extent.. but "Too bad you only get to read about it" is a little over used in this. I'll keep reading and the like because I do enjoy it so far, and octyscratchy is always fun to read.


Glad you like it so far! :pinkiehappy:


Eh, I admit it's a little hard to keep track of, but it's just alternating between two characters. I didn't want the pace to be thrown off by 'he said, she said.'

I wasn't sure how the (narrator talks to the audience thing) was going to go over. I enjoy writing like that, and always have. And there IS sorta a reason I'm doing it too. It's so meta. :applejackconfused: Can't really stop it now though! I'm too far gone! :pinkiecrazy:


Gah! That's almost as ambiguous as your first comment! Cute as in "adorable character and story" or as in "how cute, he thinks he can write! how droll!"

I MUST KNOW!! :raritydespair:

(I'm kidding with you.)


Thanks! Next chapter features a certain hat-chewing farm pony. :3


The tiny English teacher in my head told me that saying 'berry' two times in that close of a proximity would earn me detention. :fluttershysad:


Yeah, I'm about to take that gag out back and put him down. :fluttercry:

3596413 adorable character interactions. Interesting story thus fr, and very fun to watch Octy stumble over herself.

The narrators voice is fun. And why yes, I am doing this on purpose now. Why'd ya'll ask?"

Dang, nice work. Applejack was pretty nice, but Octavia having that confession was awesome. Are you going to put in more Mane6 characters later on, background ponies, or just whatever happens to be the pony around? Love the work. Keep it up.

I swear to Luna if the author uses "Too bad you only get to read about it" one more time, I will Falcon Punch them in the Adam's Apple!
(And you get a cookie if you get THAT reference :twilightsmile:)


Oh... well

I'll just say there might be a reason why I set the story in in Ponyville...

:fluttershysad: :pinkiehappy: :rainbowkiss: :raritywink: :twilightsmile: :applejackunsure:




All I know from that is Falcon Punch! I guess no cookies for me. :fluttercry:



"...no other pony... drop the... bass... Vinyl... licious..." the grinning pony murmured before turning in her sleep.

So cute.... gunna die, upon... remembering cuteness

I thought her glasses where purple, and they where always red/some form of red-ish color.


*Points down to Clever Girl*


Yeah I got a lot of *cough* free time at work. :derpytongue2:


??? Her glasses have always been purple. Fans thought her eyes were red until they revealed them to be purpleish in the show.


Thought you were being clever. You did smirk after all. :unsuresweetie:

3605232 -nods happily- Oh, yes, clever and a bit slow apparently. :derpytongue2:

Just read the thing. Things are certainly going fast.

There isn't much to overcome here, unless you want to pull the whole "OMG my parents don't like me being gay" thing?
Or maybe Coworkers/boss being dickwads about it?
Maybe a Changeling invasion? Alicorn Vinyl?
Dark fucked up past? Murder Mystery on the Choo choo train?
Or sex (a whole different type of adventure story)

I have no Idea where you might be going with this, but so far you skipped all the cliche bullshit that usually happens in other OctyxScratch stories, where they have Vinyl and Octavia tripping over themselves to confess a love they both mutually have. Not that those stories were bad. It's just that they have been done, and if I wanted to read something like that I'd probably read those again. But I'm going off tangent. Like the story. So far you've steered clear of cliches, and hope you keep writing something new, but do what you want..

This is off topic again, but I have to say, If anyone wants to read a REALLY different Octy-Scratch fic, read: Bridges by psp7master. Really different to me, but won't be complete, since author stopped writing stories. I thought it was fucked up, but in a terrible, wrong, nice way.

I have lost the point of this comment so much. Organized have thoughts I don't

But you know...I could let the story end here and be satisfied...


first i was like :pinkiegasp::twilightangry2::fluttercry: but then i was all like :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::twilightsheepish:


Eh, I wish I could say my story has nothing but new material planned, but I admit I'm quite fond of certain clichés. But I'll try to make them as fresh and interesting as possible if they happen to crop up. (I couldn't resist the 'waking up to someone you didn't expect' after all :3 )

In terms of conflict... I have some minor ones thrown in throughout the whole ordeal and a major one at the end (that I've actually foreshadowed a teeny-tiny bit. ...if you look closely... :rainbowderp: ) But I'll see what I can do to set things in motion a little earlier. I'm no literary master after all, this is the first thing I've written that wasn't just a short story.


Mr. PonyMan, I have a flowchart of my story right here on this sheet of paper. We've covered the top left corner so far. :applejackconfused: ohmahgawd so much to come.

Hope it doesn't become stale after too long! :facehoof:

Okay, I trust you to make this good. and let me guess, Berry Punch is going to rock the boat later on? Good job, can't wait for the next chapter.

I also like how Vinyl's eyes are portrayed as red instead of purple or magenta. They're more unique that way and give a lot of character to Vinyl.

Also, I love the little pictures you incorporate at the end of each chapter! PEW! PEW! PEW! :rainbowlaugh:

As Nowacking's Vinyl Scratch would say: "ALRIGHT! LASER SHOW!"


Dude, I literally just got that exact comment about the laser show on my DeviantArt for that picture.


Keep up the awesome work love it love it love it mate!:pinkiesmile:

I am ready for the next chapter and amazed that I missed this yesterday. What was I thinking to scroll past it!!


You were thinking you should probably avoid me, because I look dangerous.
...and you were right!!! :pinkiecrazy:

Next chapter should be up tonight. Unless I feel like it needs to be double checked 50 more times.

Thanks! I'll do my best!
But that might not be good enough.... :pinkiesad2:
Then again it could be plenty! :pinkiehappy:


Oh no you don't! No one has fun on my watch! :flutterrage:
No wait, I got that mixed up. No one makes fun of my watch. Totally different subject. Oops! :facehoof:

I can tell from the way you stopped mid sentence from saying how we only got to read about it that you got my message

3623510 I promise a full once the story is done.

That was a nice explosion, too bad I only got to read about it. :moustache:

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