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How much would a 8,000 word cost?

Commission Information:

Flash fiction stories (500 word short fiction, preferably keep it to things I know like ponies, Super Sentai, Power Rangers, Kamen Rider ect.): $5 each.

Song Lyrics: $5 starting. Need a song for your pony fiction? Just want to see a certain song and can't write the lyrics yourself? That's what this is for. I've done a lot of songs for the Pony POV Series (I think Alexwarlorn still has a few I sent him before leaving the project...maybe, I can't remember) and some of my own works, and I'll work on it.

Five dollars gets you a pretty decent sized song up to 30ish lines: fav.me/d7e2n4t (length wise as a song would be about two minutes). Longer songs will logically cost more, but as a bonus, it'll be about a dollar per additional 'minute' (about fifteen lines).

I write both parody songs and original complete songs (an example of an original song I wrote the lyrics for can be found directly below, note I ONLY wrote the lyrics of this song, I didn't compose or sing it). I can also do a variety of styles and feels, including 'intentionally horrible'.

I'll also throw in a special 'bulk deal' of six songs for twenty dollars.

Note, if you're asking for lyrics for a song you actually intend to sing and produce, I'll cut the price down to three dollars because...well, let's face it, who WOULDN'T want to get a song of theirs made?

Story Commissions:

One thousand word story: 10 dollars.

Two thousand word story: 15 Dollars.

Three thousand word story: 20 Dollars.

One Cutie Mark: 5 dollars

Two Cutie Marks: 9 Dollars

Three Cutie Marks 12 Dollars

Cutie Mark with One Variation (IE, like an alternate version of it, like say how Luna's Cutie Mark is different as Nightmare Moon's): 7:50 Dollars

Cutie Mark With Two Variations: Ten

Cutie Mark with Element of Harmony in Material and Immaterial forms: 10 Dollars

Art Work, cover art for fanfics, and so on with up to three characters: 20 Dollars.

Additional characters beyond three characters: 5 dollars per additional character.

Advertisements: Things like posters for various stuff. Note, I have a collage degree in this kinda thing.

Simple, basic add, nothing special and kinda bare bones, but still professionally done: 15 dollars.

Deluxe package, very well detailed with thoughtful design: 25 dollars

Note, I'll take most anything, but nothing perverted.

Payment is via Paypal.

How much is a commission?

*sighs* I uh... I guess this is the last time I'm gonna be asking before I just give up entirely but....
Did you ever find a place to post the Dr Wolf Daycare story?

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