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Ponies Aren't Hobbits, They're Dwarves · 5:14pm February 5th

A common writing fumble I see in pony fanfiction?

People treating ponies as Hobbits, when in actuality they would be more comparable to dwarves (fantasy dwarves). By this, I mean people tend to treat them as 'light and small' creatures. This is not the case.

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I'd imagine, similar boat. Here's hoping my handiwork this season offers some entertainment respite :)

Right back at you!

And yeah, I have been. SStarted a new job and it picked up quite a bit during the Christmas season.

Hey hey! Happy new year to you buddy! You okay? Seem to have been busy as of late.

And a very happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  • Viewing 126 - 130 of 130
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