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hooray · 7:08am Jan 31st, 2014

so, I FINALLY got Daedric Armor, and Arvak in Skyrim :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:
here's a picture if you're interested, now I just need to get the dagger and great sword...

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2194342 that's pretty awesome. I defiantly need to get a new computer now.

2194207 Here is the link to the Modder's YouTube channel, due to the recent patch that restructured the filing system of the game kinda broke the mod, :raritycry: but hopefully he/she will have it fixed when he/she releases V.7.0.

As for the collaboration, I had gotten Kongou, Kirishima, Iona, Haruna, and recently Hiei. :twilightsmile:

2194090 what? Someone who likes both Arp, AND WoWS? Awesomeness has been doubled! A) how do you get the mod, and B) there is two Asp Ships in the game. I dunno if you can still get them though :applecry:

Yeah, I got an Arpeggio of Blue Steel mod installed on WoWS. Pretty awesome!

2192841 Is that a FoG Battleship I see? I'm guessing it's FoG Battleship Iowa.

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