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Storyline · 6:05am Jul 8th, 2016

You know, after going through my favorite stories and checking out other stories, I realized something. I have not once found a mlp story with an added OC character that follows through the tv main storyline of the show without any branching ulterior motive. That's something I've recently taken to reading in fanfictions and I am surprised I haven't found any here.

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Thanks for adding Asking For The Moon to your favorites

Thank you for the fave on Derailed! :twilightsmile:


Couldn't agree more with you brother. But, whether it was meant for little girls is sort of a moot point by now. Good animation is good animation, and good character design is good character design. I mean, this show made for little girls has more character development than many that are supposed to be for adults.

Hell, I'm a bearded, grimdark loving metalhead and i like the show nonetheless.

Wish they wouldn't ignore poor Spike as much in the show tho', that's one of the main reasons i made Never Broken, add some well deserved respect for the guy.

1916395 Aw thanks. But you know I'm right. The basis of this entire website and the millions of stories created are based on a TV friendship show that was originally intended for little girls that was able to get people to make such amazing and enriching stories like your Never Broken, as well as other people's stories like Dash of Humanity, Man of War, Your Human and You, etc. It's crazy, but so awesome.

That was a beautiful comment you left on my latest chapter, my friend.
You have earned this grimdark hug which i now bestow upon you.

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