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Sorry mate, but my CW days are over. Even though I can't actually leave the group (Since I found it) I have left the group indefinitely. You are free to make the group yourself though.

In anycase, I'm STILL writing my CW spin-off series. You're not in it yet, but have no fear you will be soon enough. X)

And I take it that you've been on Fanfiction a lot as of late? If you find Guyinthecorner there, tell him I miss him and want an explanation as to why he left.

Not so good. Still having that large dose of writer's block. Can you also make a CW on fanfiction.net? I can interact there.

Hello again old friend. How have things been?


Thanks for the fav.

Kind of hard to not favorite that story

  • Viewing 68 - 72 of 72
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