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Names Moon Skritch, On a permanent hiatus, I don't think I'll come back. Feel free to read what I have! Thanks for being a good community years ago.

Things with words on them that you read for entertainment.


I should probably say something as it's been 6+ years. · 3:29am Dec 24th, 2021

My my, it sure has been a long time hasn't it? The last time i said anything was 2015. I have gone through a lot of hardship since that post. I have lost my family and brother since then and my mental state is not what it used to be. Also I am not really a Brony anymore.

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blog?Why you never tell us you have blog? Also, 2022 is coming around the corner.

I know it's been years since you've commented but I made a blog post.

it 2017, where is update chapters?

1017072 I completely forgot about it :I Sorry about that. Ah well.

No you aren't :twilightangry2:

(JK, I wub you :heart:)

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