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Insanity PKlegend

I'm 22, Female, kind, loyal, and a gamer.

About Me The Master of Insanity

I'm a pegasister. I'm M to F trans, and lesbian. I'm 19 and on 07/25/14 I will be 20. I live in royalton illinois which is in the southern part of the state
Skype = won't say because I on it all the time and I don't to add strangers. Become my friend first if you want to skype with me. :pinkiehappy:

Favorite ponies are Rainbow Dash, Vinyl Scratch, and Ditzy Doo. (Yes I used her real name not the fan made one)

That wraps up me mostly. Want to know anything else just ask away.

Also for some reason I care about every pony. I don't know why but if I hear some pony is sad or down I just want to lift their spirits, and if they need help I will help them if I can. Treat others the way you want to be treated after all.

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2061587 I guess people handle alcohol differently

I'm not sure really. I question that myself. I also don't like beer but other alcohol is Ok I guess.

2060495 How!?

I had a shot of Scotch, and I had a hangover for like...4 hours.

I guess. I never drank before then either. No hangover either.

2059315 You must be stronk like Russian bear

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