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Eater-of-Worlds Smooze

I am inevitable. I am... destiny. I am Smooze and I hunger.


Praise Smooze · 3:09am Nov 11th, 2013

Since the birth of the sun and moon, our world has been filled with light and darkness, the twists and turns that our cruel masters have trapped us in. The Twin Tyrants, Luna and Celestia, string us along with promises of hedonistic pleasure at the cost of our spirituality, our minds, and everything that makes us who we are. They claim that if we accept the magic of friendship, if we love and tolerate, then we will be accepted into the fold and live lives of peace and harmony. They are

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Why choose Smooze? Isn't [Insert other Savior here] better? · 4:51am Nov 12th, 2013

Now, as everyone in Ponyville can attest to, Equestria has had its share of attempted takeovers. From Queen Chrysalis to Discord to Lord Tirek, many entities have attempted to free us from our herd mentality and bovine lifestyles. Yet each one failed spectacularly due to their weakness. The Unstoppable Lord Smooze has no weakness, which makes him the ultimate messiah.

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Smooze Ooze! · 2:27am Nov 13th, 2013

Smooze Ooze is widely known across Equestira as a dangerous, controlled substance. The tyrants claim that this effect is an "addictive hallucinogenic drug," but such words are misleading. When pegasi takes their first flight and experiences the freedom of the air, they grow an addiction to the freedom they find in every stroke of the wing that propels them through the air. When unicorns cast their first spell, they realize the empowerment of their magical abilities and never give up their

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What can I say?

You have the dankest memes.

Danke for ze follow, my freund!

Why did you do it, though?

I'm hungry. And you're an onion. And a pie too!


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