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This group is a repository for Ponies x Inanimate objects.

- Objects made specifically for sex (e.g. dildo's) don't count. Only weird things (kitchen sinks, mouse cursors, doors etc) allowed in here. Fruits/food are not allowed.
- The main focus of the story should be on the Pony/object relation/interaction/intercourse.
- Add stories to the correct folder! At the moment, there's one for each Main 6 character, plus the 'other' folder. If certain characters get a lot of stories, additional folders will be made.
- When in doubt, or you have a suggestion just PM barbeque or make a comment below (protip I'm more likely to read the PM).

The forum doesn't really have much use (yet). Just don't make new threads all the time, it's extremely annoying and unnecessary clutters the dashboard. Useless threads will be deleted.

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356970 Painfully, and hopefully comedicly.

I think it should depend. If it's like a whole cactus or tree (ie, something big) it's probably fine; otherwise, it might be getting kinda close to foodplay which I really want to keep out. Just use common sense I guess.
Though I have to ask: a cactus, how does that even work?

In related news: the lack of Maud x Tom greatly disturbs me.

Do plants count as food? Trees, shrubbery, cacti?

wow i did not know there was a group about this thats cool. Thinks for adding my story

I like this group, but read some story descriptions and was like "wat?" But I like those kind of stories. I can't wait to read some.

Trixie and a Wheel coming up!

Does Video Game Controllers Count as a Weird Thing? :rainbowderp:



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