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Just a Brony, Furry and fan of anime who enjoys typing fetish stories and other types.


Best Background pony (also Scootaloo's mother in my headcanon)

Scootaloo flying.

cute stuff.


One of my fave cartoons, Astro Boy.

List of Stories to do.

Big Sister Scootaloo- When Scootaloo's mother has a new foal, Scootaloo realizes she has to do everything she can to help that young foal and protect it if she needs to.

Adoption into A Royal Family- Scootaloo has been abused for her whole life by her father but she was to afraid somepony would take her away from ponyville. one night Scootaloo wonders off into the everfree forest she gets lost and almost killed by Timberwolves, but she gets saved by one of the princess's

Gabby The Foalsitter expect it sometime. (Featuring Scootaloo)

Chasing The Imposter's (Featuring the CMC)

A Shattered Diamond. (An adoption story featuring Diamond Tiara and possibly Dizzy Twister)

Punishment- Scootaloo and Apple Bloom look through Sweetie Belle's diary and find out their friend wears diapers for bed, the two have a little giggle, make fun of her abit, but when Rarity finds out she diapers them and makes them learn a lesson. (ABDL story)

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Thanks for the follow, mate! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for favoriting "foal of an empire" i want to get back to it. But ive been having serious writer's block

2415908 :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss: its cute thanks

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