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I'm mostly a gamer and I tend to write some decent stories.


Best Background pony (also Scootaloo's mother in my headcanon)

Scootaloo flying.

List of Stories to do.

1.Big Sister Scootaloo- When Scootaloo's mother has a new foal, Scootaloo realizes she has to do everything she can to help that young foal and protect it if she needs to.

2. Adoption into A Royal Family- Scootaloo has been abused for her whole life by her father but she was to afraid somepony would take her away from ponyville. one night Scootaloo wonders off into the everfree forest she gets lost and almost killed by Timberwolves, but she gets saved by one of the princess's

3. Gabby The Foalsitter expect it sometime. (Featuring Scootaloo)

4. Chasing The Imposter's (Featuring the CMC)

5. A Shattered Diamond. (An adoption story featuring Diamond Tiara and possibly Dizzy Twister)

6. Adoption into A Party ponies Family. (Name will change later, fic featuring Scootaloo)

cute stuff.

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Based on some of the criticism I received on it, I really can say it is a bad story. Trust me, this is an example of me writing a bad fic. And personally I think this story is the reason no one gives my better stories a chance.

You might find it to be a bad fic but its actually a good story, 389 likes and only 12 dislikes, man you're being too hard on yourself, the story is good, it's not even considered the worst fic, it's possibly the greatest fic.

I see you have faved Mommy Dash. You are aware it is the worst story I have ever written right?

Happy Birthday dude, if you are Brick's friend so you are my friend too. XD

Many years of happines, joy, healty and all your dreams became true.

  • Viewing 834 - 838 of 838
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