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I'm a recently returned writer and plan to release alot of stories again.

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Best Background pony (also Scootaloo's mother in my headcanon)

Scootaloo flying.

Cute pokemon

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I'm sorry for super late reply but I plan to make a story like that one day, but for now one story at a time.

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Are you possibly open for story ideas?

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Hay Matt 11 have you made any stories about pinkie babying scootaloo

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List of Stories to do.

1.Big Sister Scootaloo- When Scootaloo's mother has a new foal, Scootaloo realizes she has to do everything she can to help that young foal and protect it if she needs to.

2. Adoption into A Royal Family- Scootaloo has been abused for her whole life by her father but she was to afraid somepony would take her away from ponyville. one night Scootaloo wonders off into the everfree forest she gets lost and almost killed by Timberwolves, but she gets saved by one of the princess's

3. Gabby The Foalsitter expect it sometime. (Featuring Scootaloo)

4. Chasing The Imposter's (Featuring the CMC)

6. Adoption into A Party ponies Family. (Name will change later, fic featuring Scootaloo)

7. Spoiled's regrets, After her one and only daughter Diamond Tiara dies to an unknown sickness, Spoiled takes this time to remember everything she has ever done to her daughter from birth to filly, and to now.

8. Finding Our Way Home The crusaders agree to help Starlight Glimmer with a magic practice, all they need to do Is stand completely still while she does the magic, however, Starlight gets distracted when Twilight suddenly rushes In and try's to get her to stop, but It was too late, the blast hits the CMC and sends them somewhere far away from ponyville, will they ever return home?

9. Scootaloo's Anger: After learning one of her friends earned the ability to fly Scootaloo starts getting angry, angry to the point she also decides to avoid him, If that doesn't work, she might take her anger on him instead.

10. Just a Liability: Spike has become Equestria's newest flier in Equestria and Scootaloo starts feeling as If everything she tries Is pointless, maybe Ponyville and even Equestria would be better off without her!