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A group created to combat the influx of users whose only purpose in life is to find stories and crush the hopes and dreams of the author.

This is for all who have written a story that was critiqued by someone somewhere who expected Shakespeare, and acted like a dick thenceforth. High expectations are fine, but critics must keep in mind we aren't here to make a living. This is only a hobby. We are merely normal anonymous internet users, we do not expect to be so great all the time.

Our purpose is to find users who critique stories like they personally are God's gift to mankind and report them. We DO NOT:
-report constructive criticism. This is the type that actually helps the author out, even slightly. We're not here for immature authors who can't take a tip.
-harrass such users. Do not stoop to their level.

Reminder that we follow all rules on FIMfiction. This is our meeting spot where we join together to combat trolls and the soulless.

All are welcome. Feel free to submit stories in appropriate folders if you would like some real criticism instead of the poor kind. (PM me if you want to get into the second-chance folder).

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Comment posted by Stormbringer deleted May 8th, 2018

I've seen a few reviewer groups and - while I feel the information on how I can get reviews can be better - I feel glad to find one that gaurantees that I won't get that one guy who just rages to act like the Nostalgia Critic (Don't get me wrong, I like his videos - they actually help my writing and he does get into detail WHY a movie sucks - but I'm sure there's people out there who feel that all you need to do to be a critic is rant about how you hate something). I haven't got that one guy to see my fics yet, but I'd rather not.

I got both my stories put into the Overly Stupid Fan Fiction Group. I want people to be fair to my stories, not bash them.

Oh I like the idea of this group.

I like the premise of this group. To do away with the hurtful reviewers, and bring forth the helpful ones. I know I have had to deal with the hurtful ones before, and I have also been blessed with good ones who were honest and helpful, and had the tact to be encouraging when they did so.


But there are tons of authors that, even when making suggestions, lash out at you like you'd just told them they should go die in a hole. I personally enjoy receiving criticisms on my stories, no matter how harsh. I actually think that the harsher the comment is, the better it'll be to fix/improve upon that thing later for them to turn around and compliment you.

So, this group seems like it'd have a mixture of people that legitimately want to help fight against, and subsequently report, the people that go around bashing everything like it's their job, but also having people that simply want to report everyone that says sonething that they don't like about their story.

tl;dr - Good idea, but some people might be into this just to hate in people that say something that they don't like.

Hi, I'm new, and I'd like to help provide feedback! I always try to be insightful and respectful, so if you ever need some help or need a reader, send me a PM and I'll see what I can do!

I joined this group for 1 reason, I write fics to get positive feedback, constructive criticism and to feel good about myself.

Like in my most recent fic, I got a very mean comment (which I deleted) that included sarcastic remarks including "Is English your primary language :ajbemused:" and "Scootaloo wouldn't break down crying if she broke her scooter"

First of all, she probably would, and secondly, If I change it, there goes the plot of that story!

HI I'm new, I joined because of Leux.

LOL I am friendly so don't shoot! :twilightsheepish:

Well, this do seem like a good idea. :twilightsmile:

But it also seem a bit slow... you guys should try to bring more publicity to it. :pinkiesmile:

298135 Well, it's a 50/50 thing. I mean, leave it to C^2 to find a group about criticism and explain his views on it. I don't hate you, but you're like the Regidar of criticism in the sense that I can always predict what comes next. Allow me to show you:

Random sentence that I've thought over hundreds of times and think makes sense

Denial and a thorough explanation of why I'm wrong and you're right that makes me feel stupid even though I'm only 14 and still a new writer. *Inhales* Oh, and if in the comment this is quoting was created to end the conversation, this'll continue it in a way so that I have no choice but to respond and hopefully not look like an ass.

At least, that's what our "debate" was like on MLT. And now I sit, trying to think what you'll quote in your reply.


Why am I not surprised to see you comment this? :ajbemused:

You act like that's a bad thing :scootangel:

297917 I agree. What I meant was, those who expect it to be perfect, and hatefully explain every single flaw. I even said we enjoy critics who explain the flaws and how they can be improved. The point of criticism is to help, not hurt, the author. Remember, you're on a fanfiction website, not the Oxford library.

Why am I not surprised to see you comment this?:ajbemused:

This is for all who have written a story that was critiqued by someone somewhere who expected Shakespeare.

You're walking a fine line there. There's nothing wrong with expecting quality work and explaining why the work wasn't quality.

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