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Nov 7th "Maybe"

There are VERY few things I can't do in this world.

1. Spelll.
2. Come up with a REAL description or bio.
7. Stop liking this dang show.

"It's your world, Fatty just writes in it."

Also feel free to message me if you want an editor.

MAybe series word count (Up to part 59)
^yes Literacy For Foals is part of this.

Times Before word count (Up to part 4)

Make It Simple word count (Undefined)

Times Before Series

  • The Land Before Them The new land of Equestria has been founded, but real peace still lays just out of hoof's reach for the ponies that inhabit this new world. But the great King Sombra is looking to change that through the use of the Crystal Empire's examples. by Fat1thatyoulove 33,735 words · 1,021 views · 43 likes · 1 dislikes
  • The Land After The world of Equestria has started to settle under the new rule of Celestia. However, two things still remain what to do with the unbound Element of Harmony and who will preside as the new Head Mage. by Fat1thatyoulove 40,276 words · 288 views · 20 likes · 4 dislikes
  • The Time Before You It's been about a week since Twilight saw Celestia's Summer Sun Celebration, an event that changed her life, but how much has it really impacted the little filly? by Fat1thatyoulove 5,438 words · 371 views · 20 likes · 0 dislikes

Side stories not completed

  • Literacy For Foals Miss.Cheerilee reads a book in class, confusion and home work ensue. by Fat1thatyoulove 7,720 words · 221 views · 16 likes · 0 dislikes
  • Make It Simple Visk Bolt, the newest and boldest Wonderbolt. But does how did one stallion get though the training so fast and in only a few races become one of the fastest flyers ever? by Fat1thatyoulove 4,962 words · 211 views · 14 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Small Stallion Is Small Meet one of ponyville strangest residents Stony an unusually short Stallion with a strange job and even stranger secrets. by Fat1thatyoulove 39,180 words · 462 views · 21 likes · 1 dislikes

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Whoa, Photobucket sucks on this.

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Guy, which is the yellow pony with the beard I did everything, I even have the first attempt where he is just a ugly outline with color. lol, but I won't show that ugliness.


Most, the twilight stuff lol no.

Did you make those ponies above the comments in photoshop?


Original series starts at "Maybe I could..."

But the Official start of the series is "The Land Before Them"
Which can be located at the right side of my main page.

Both can be located if you click the "Stories" button on my page. Or by back tracking through all my stuff because I always put a link to the previous in the first chapter (mostly).

Lol, hope that helps I posted weird. :twistnerd:

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