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Nov 7th "Maybe"

There are VERY few things I can't do in this world.

1. Spelll.
2. Come up with a REAL description or bio.
7. Stop liking this dang show.

"It's your world, Fatty just writes in it."

Also feel free to message me if you want an editor.

MAybe series word count (Up to part 59)
^yes Literacy For Foals is part of this.

Times Before word count (Up to part 4)

Make It Simple word count (Undefined)

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I honestly dont know if you are still active or not, but I am simply here to tell you (the author of the maybe series) some things.

When I first found your series, I was shocked at how many sequels you had. But as I started reading through, I started to slowly enjoy the series more and more.

I loved the personality of the human in your series, and the fact that he had the most interestingly realistic transformation into a pony Ive ever seen.

As your OC went through his life in equestria, he wasnt some gary stu, nor was he a helpless weakling either. Working with Twilight, they were able to overcome their many challenges and foes. Even with the memory loss, he still found a way to be happy.

Then there was violet. I loved her to bits and was excited to watch her grow as a character. The sombraism she had that makes her unable to talk was so tragic, yet so unique that it made me love her even more. The way she handled her problems and the amazingly awesome nickname she got: The Ice queen, was absolutely heartwarming to read.

All in all, The maybe series was a diamond in the rough to find. Even though You may never see this, I just want you to know that this whole series reminded me of just how much I love this website altogether!

With that said, I will finish this off with a heartfelt: THANK YOU!!!

Wow, so many sequels... so much reading to commence :raritystarry:

Also, I honestly started thinking maybe... maybe this... mayyybe... when I was backtracking to find the first story in the series.


Guy, which is the yellow pony with the beard I did everything, I even have the first attempt where he is just a ugly outline with color. lol, but I won't show that ugliness.


Most, the twilight stuff lol no.

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