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Nov 7th "Maybe"

There are VERY few things I can't do in this world.

1. Spelll.
2. Come up with a REAL description or bio.
7. Stop liking this dang show.

"It's your world, Fatty just writes in it."

Also feel free to message me if you want an editor.

MAybe series word count (Up to part 59)
^yes Literacy For Foals is part of this.

Times Before word count (Up to part 4)

Make It Simple word count (Undefined)

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Whoa, Photobucket sucks on this.

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Wow, so many sequels... so much reading to commence :raritystarry:

Also, I honestly started thinking maybe... maybe this... mayyybe... when I was backtracking to find the first story in the series.


Guy, which is the yellow pony with the beard I did everything, I even have the first attempt where he is just a ugly outline with color. lol, but I won't show that ugliness.


Most, the twilight stuff lol no.

Did you make those ponies above the comments in photoshop?

  • Viewing 54 - 58 of 58
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