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Hello all!

This is a group dedicated to The Living Library Player Society, a group that does readings of MLP:FIM fan fictions and posts the recordings on youtube and on our website.

If you have any suggestions for the group, please drop them in this thread.

Current limits: 1 fanfic per person. You can only add to the Readings folder.
We also kindly ask you to post non-trivial fanfictions: stick to fanfics that are memorable and can elicit deep thought and emotion. Be it fear, intrigue, happiness, sadness, a touch of bittersweet, etc.

We do 3 types of recordings:
*Projects* which are pre-recorded readings with our own music, sound, art etc. Lots of effort, great quality.
*Readings* which are normal pre-recorded readings. Narration, voice acting and 1 piece of cover art.
*Reactions* which are single-run readings with our reactions to them intact. Because that's funny.

Visit our user page for info and such:

With kind regards,
Locus Apex, Captain of The Living Library

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New readings when?

Will you be doing anything special for Nightmare Night? If so, should there be a folder to gather ghost/horror stories?

362360 Thanks for the suggestion. I'd like to request you post it instead in this thread we made recently for the express purpose of collecting stories :twilightsmile:

Could you please do a reading of my fic, We Belong Together? it was the first fimfic I ever wrote. Here's the link

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