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Happy birthday!!!

2436816 Yes, I am the Syeekoh being referred to in that video.:eeyup:

2436796 Do I assume you know and are messing or do i post the video and risk looking a fool? Hmm...more people need to see it anyways. May as well grace your visitors with its glory.

2436774 Whatever are you referring to, good sir or madame?

  • Viewing 467 - 471 of 471
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This story of mine was featured on Pony 411 · 1:00am June 13th

Pony 411 is apparently a podcast where they talk about things. This week, they mainly talked about the new US episode, which is A Royal Problem, and afterwards they talked about the tagged story while spending 15 seconds mangling my name magnificently. But more importantly they really liked the story and I just really appreciate that my stuff is getting increased exposure because, you know, I write things to have them read and this is pretty cool that I’m getting this kind of exposure.

I linked the podcast to the important part where they start talking about my story but you can just drag the scrollbar back to the beginning if you want to listen to the whole thing.

Edit: Apparently it didn’t quite link to the right time, so it starts at 51:30.