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Majin Syeekoh

We’ve got dents and we’ve got quirks, but it’s our flaws that make us work.


Discord and Fluttershy exchange letters.

Happy Valentine's Day to all who read this!

... and those who don't, I guess.

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Estee #1 · 1 week ago · · ·

All that waiting to see if he was going to use The Other Idea and he publishes an E-rated story?

Goddammit, Majin.

Hooray! Love it, and first view!

He just can't win, can he? The posting of something not worthy of a "goddammit" is itself a "goddammit" moment due to his reputation.

And now that I've actually read it... Yeah, this is about what I'd expect from Fluttershy and Discord in a relationship, if only because it's Discord so I was expecting the unexpectable.


I cruised through your deft trawlings like a skull soaked in acid fire

Friendly reminder that the metalhead tendencies transcend dimensions.

Delightful stuff on both ends, from the demon-orc wingman to seduction through Dadaism. Thank you for it.

This was absolutely adorable, in a strange way. Wholesome?

(Fluttershy read over the last poem, scouring it over with her eyes. She didn't literally scour them over, but her rubbing paper with her eyes is a funny and extremely disturbing image, so I'll leave you with that.

This was a delicious paragraph :heart:

You make it sound as though you only went into a Syeekoh story expecting the unexpectable because Discord was in it.

This is not the way.


I honestly don't know whether to "goddamnit Seeykoh:facehoof:" or "WTF Seeykoh?!:rainbowderp:"

That's a good point, but only underscores that Syeekoh should write more Discord. And not just because of my usual Fluttercord-as-Twilight-not-outliving-her-friends thing.


That was potatoes.

I mean sweet potatoes.

Cabbages :trollestia: Potatoes

:twilightsheepish: You may kiss the bride - Discord

Colt Slaw :moustache: Prench Fries

:duck: Spike?

:moustache: It worked for Discord...

:raritywink: You make it sound like a Menu

:moustache: Hungry?

:facehoof: .....

:duck: yes :moustache: Lets go

:trollestia: Don't forget the cake

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