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.....damn...I will never look at Sonata's air-headed happiness the same way again..

Oh no. I always thought Sonata... I thought she was... oh shit.

Poor dear. She's come to a bad end...

I did not expect this. Not at all. Nice use of the dark tag, like . . . really, very nice use of it. I don't think very many get that dark doesn't have to be easily seen; the implications of all these unseen events that Aria and Adagio are talking about can be just as dark as Pinkie cutting someone, especially when we are seeing the end result of all the things that happened in the past in the form of Sonata as she is now.

Which now makes me wonder what an "evil" Sonata would be like. Next story, probably?

Whoa... Just whoa... :rainbowderp:

You and me both.
I was curious as to why there was a Dark tag on this...
I don't think I'll be able to laugh with Sonata's silly-ness for quite a while...

edit: it facinates me how a fic barely over 1k words can open one's eyes soo much...

And then the sequel comes. Sonata gets even worse and an unusually somber Adagio offers to take her camping, to Sonata's delight. Weirdly enough, she brings a gun and Aria was seen crying before they leave. :P

Sorry, had to. Good job as usually, Syeekoh. You're one of the best at writing the Dazzlings.

Well shitmuffins

huh. All right.

:twilightoops: Well..... fuck...

Well, fish-titties

Why does Adagio want revenge on Sunset?

Sonata's mind was being held together by the magic. Sunset is the one that stopped the Dazzling's from winning, which lead to their magic being taken away. Thus, to Adagio, Sunset Shimmer is at fault for Sonata's deteriorating mental condition.

Oh wow. This is how you do a dark fic.
Impressive work. Thinking outside the box.

“You know, I’m having trouble remembering what made Sonata snap. I think it was when she was set on fire… no wait, that was me. The villagers threw me into a lake after that because I wouldn’t catch fire.”

>throws water creature into water to drown it
>u wot

So many memories to sift through

She was trapped in the debris for a month while we dug her out. She was never the same afterwards.

Truly, immortality isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Into the faves with you!

Tell me about the rabbits again Adagio...


Well, that was...I don't know what to make of this. I mean, the general idea is dark, but then you have Sonata being silly. It's funny reading about her being chased by geese, but the reason she's doing that is not funny in the slightest.

And it's not even contradictory and muddled, so this fic isn't bad.


5541629 I was also about to comment about that but I guess you're right, if it wasn't for Sunset the girls would have failed.

That's just sad :ajsleepy:

Ow. I'm actually feeling bad for them. I can never look at her the same again.

Just like Caboose after Shiela first got destroyed. How tragic.

Comment posted by Final fantasy forever deleted Jan 24th, 2015

Impressive just impressive

After reading it I searched up some sad music and read it again
Link to music

I always loved sonata and her happy attitude twards life but seeing her like this and seing her friends care for her so only makes me love her that much more

This was interesting. Sonata slowly loosing her mind like so much Lennie.


Holy fuck, dude. Fuckin' faved, up voted and added to YMLT. Very well done!

Oh shit.

Adagio’s mouth curved into a snarl as she saw Sunset Shimmer’s disgusting smile disappear as she fantasized about squeezing the life out of her, her hand instinctively clawing up as if Sunset’s neck was actually there.
Mark my words, Sunset Shimmer. When I get the chance, I will make you fucking pay.

This suddenly popped into my head. Relevant.
"I will make you pray—pray for all the lives you've ruined.
Pray you're able to breathe while I strangle you."

Wooooow. I liked it! This has some series potential to become a longer story and I encourage you to do it because it would be awesome! In the meantime, into the library you go!

Comment posted by crystal_chaos deleted Jan 25th, 2015

Watch as your followers begin to drop like flies.

Oh, god that was one hell of a twist at the end. Very, very good. *Applauds*

Very well done. Short, sweet, and to the point. Brevity and all that.

If Sonata keeps regressing every single day, she will soon end up as a vegetable which will only cause more emotional stress on Adagio and Aria. Sonata may even end up passing away soon if her brain cells are truly deteriorating:raritycry:.

Great story anyway:twilightsmile:

... Fuck. :ajsleepy:

Y'know, I want to think of Sonata as Karen from Mean Girls: good-natured deep down, but hopelessly stupid and easily manipulated. This is a really dark take on Sonata that hit me right in the taco feels. :fluttershyouch:

You get a Top Favorite for this. A sequel would be awesome, but this is chilling enough on its own.

I can't really say I feel that bad for Sonata.

Yeah, being buried alive sucks.

But then, she's kind of a horrible soul sucking monster.

whew. the sirens are the root of the witch stories in that world? damn, just think, of all the things done to them, and just like that... a pony destroys the one thing holding her personality in check.

5545110 Twist? What Twist?
5542398 Who are those two, and where are they from?
5541303 Have you ever read anything by Justice4243?
What does jungfrau mild mean? Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.

5548836 Well, it's happy-go-lucky Sonata like we see a lot and then oh, she's brain-damaged and regressing mentally and the Dazzlings can't help her and are pissed!

I suppose I should've known when I looked at the tags and read the description, but still ... you're an evil, evil person, Majin. Don't ever change. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by crystal_chaos deleted Jan 25th, 2015

Man, what horrifying implications....


Thanks a lot, now I'm thinking "Oh my God, Sonata. You can't just ask someone why they're purple."

5548836 Caboose and Shiela are both characters from Red vs Blue.

This is only...mildly incredibly disturbing...

I'm not sure why but I was imagining it all to be in Sonata's head with her either babbling in a padded cell or staring off at some nursing home...Not that far off now that I think about it...

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