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This story is a sequel to Seeing the Sunset

The Dazzlings have been defeated, but their story doesn't end there. Now they must overcome the dark times that lay beyond. It won't be easy but the three girls can stick together and make it through, right?

Takes place between EG2 and EG3

Big thanks goes to Icecreammac for editing.

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Wait, so you killed off Adagio, isn't that a little harsh?

7109504 First rule of writing fanfics: No waifus are safe. But honestly I contemplated having other things happen but after getting various opinions and thinking about future chapters, this was the best, and most entertaining option.

Hum... Killing Dazzle in the second chapter? A little drastic, but interesting. I liked how this story prequel turned out, let's see how this one will be.

7109516 Well at least have the two other sisters get to Sunset and see if she can get them sent back to Equestria, like tell them what happened to their sister and that the Changeling gang is after them, maybe Princess Celestia and Luna would take them back, after all without their pendents I think they would turn into ponies if they went through the portal.

7109986 Everything shall be written in due time, don't you worry.

THE FEELS! I'LL NEVER BE THE SAME!:raritycry::raritydespair::fluttercry:


7109504 she may not die, depending on how quickly she can get medical attention

7158786 Shhhhhhhhh. Don't point out the plot holes and they'll disappear. :pinkiecrazy: Honestly I was struggling to find way to kill her and this was the only thing I could come up with, two shots to the chest area. If its not exactly accurate I'm sorry.


Damnit, whoever killed Adagio needs to die, like yesterday. Can my OC do it? Pppllllleeeeaaaaassssseeeeee.

7180734 If this was another story I would consider it. This story however, is supposed to give character development to all of the characters involved. Bringing in a new character to the story would just really be extra work for me to somehow write them in and develop them. It's just not something I'd like to do in the current story.


7180752 ok, was gonna suggest pulling a Deadpool for fun

7181279 I can barely write Pinkie and Discord, I doubt I'd be able to write a Deadpool.


7181287 fair point, but I was joking in my original post about my OC

7181453 Figured though in my experience it's better to take things seriously just in case.

Dont kill her off. Now they cant have a comeback D:

So unless we get some magic exmachina here shes really dead. Or by some miracle in a coma.
Im just a wishful thinker here. And sad too!

7366209 then I'm doing my job right! Mwuhahahahahahahaha. But seriously have a hug * hug*

7547293 yes I am, don't worry. Between school and updating my other story I haven't worked on the next chapter a whole lot, but fear not for as I just finished the next chapter of my other story I shall have full attention on Navigating the Darkness for this chapter.

"Hey sunset. do you think we should have mentioned that gang thats after us? you know the one thats all over the city and have guns and spies everywhere?"
"Nahh i dont think thats something imoportant to mention."

ok i enjoyed this chapter cant wait for another one XD

7613749 Well Aria doesn't know about the gang that is after them, only Sonata at this point does, and she is completely unwilling to talk about the event. Sonata is trying to keep an eye out just in case of course but she's still in her grieving phase, her grieving being the anger she has. So Aria or one of the others have to get through that anger to really talk to her.

ah ok then
though i swear the only thing making me happy about this story is the idea of adagio making ghost noises while following sonata and aria.

7615211 That. Might. Have to be a non-cannon chapter... seriously

non cannon? they are magic fishes! for all we know when they die they poof into sand and are reborn when you toss said sand into water again! XD

7619058 It kinda has to be noncannon. In my writing, I work hard to try to make everything seem realistic and logical, to a point on the logical part (I'm looking at you Pinkie). While I can go off the walls and state my own cannon on what the sirens can and can't do, I'd rather keep it all within the canon of the show and reality. That being said, your idea was amazingly funny, and definitely something Adagio might do, so I may make it a bonus chapter or a one shot, with your permission of course, and credit to you since it was your idea.

7619080 can you please do more thank you

7619080 needs more love please do more

7802908 Lol its not that I need more love, I just need more time.

7803084 and i hope you have it

Unlogical way to get rid of Adagio. Also dead Adagio. Thumb down.

7850431 I thought it was an ok to kill her, as is why I wrote it as such. The story requires her to be dead so she is, the reasoning behind it will come together later in the story. Also, I understand that Adagio is some people's waifu, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't keep an open mind in a story where something happens to her. I hope you enjoy the story otherwise.

Changelings hold grudges. Changelings demand vengeance. Changelings kill when possible.

7180734 7180752 The killer(s) still need to die.

7850453 Something you and other authors need to understand. Fan is supposed to be short of fanatic. Fanatics don't usually follow logic. Also, haters are going to hate. Last. trolls lurk everywhere. However, don't let that get to you. Keep on writing.

7862632 Oh don't worry I understand all that. I simply try to reply to as many comments as I can and help people understand things they might not understand.

Any idea when the next chapter is coming out?:twilightsheepish:

7937501 I just uploaded a chapter of one of my other stories so I'm going to be starting to work on a new chapter for NTD. Though no specific idea when it will be released as between school and real life my time has been pretty busy.

Things are going to get a helluva lot worse before it gets better. I have a feeling Sonata is going to kick someone's ass before lunch unless Aria can stop her. And I have a feeling Sunset is going to get her ass kicked by Sonata unless convinced that Sunset didn't write that letter.

7988966 She probably does know inside herself that it wasn't Sunset, but her anger about it would cloud her judgement about it.

7989005 That's why I said she had to be convinced... convinced to see reason through her anger (and grief). I still think she is going to kick someone's ass though.

7989082 It will definitely be something to see.

Why doesn't Sunset just tell Lightning Dust to go fuck herself. If it weren't her and the Rainbooms her and everyone else at Canterlot High would be mind slaves so she and the other ungrateful jackasses can go piss up a rope:twilightangry2:


I never really liked adigo but.... I HATE IT when sonata cries.

this is dead isn't it?

Is this going to be continued? No rush, just wondering.

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