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Back after being in a coma for four years. Call me Henry, I write about horses with multiple personalities and anxiety.




I didn't disappear again, I promise · 10:45pm Nov 6th, 2020

This year sucked.

I've just been trying to cope. I'm in and out of various kinds of episodes. Quarantine has me fucked up. The last week has me in some fucked up relapse and I've been forgetting the days. I keep have fits of rage because I can't remember what year it is. I hate this.

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Hey man, I know you're in a very fucking bad situation n' shit. But I just want to let you know that you are special and godamn priceless. You are an amazing artist and writer, you have great potential maybe even the next Stephen King.

You were on in hundreds of billions of sperm cells in that race from well you know, to that womb. Yet you made it there, that race alone should prove you are special. But godamnit you still don't cease to amaze now do ya! Then you go onto the Internet and build up a fanbase, a small one, but that's still quite an achievement to have found a way to convince people to follow you. After a while, you dabble in art and literature, and I must say you're quite a godamn artist. A damn good one!

But sadly, you began to become suicidal (as far as I know), you left us because we couldn't help you. And now you are either crippled, jailed, dead, institutionalized, or completely disconnected from reality.

I know somewhat how you feel. You are in severe pain, you feel hunted & abused by those who you thought Loved you (hence the wolves in 'My name is nightmare moon'), you are afraid, you are deep in sorrow, and you're also angry.

But wherever you are, know damn well that you are extremely special. And I am sorry for what your family did to you, but be better than them. Fuck them. You are a godamn priceless work of art.


If you need anything. Need somebody to talk too. I'm your guy :) *hugs*


Thank you guys. I snapped out of it. At least for now.

Pyro. Please don't do it. You have so much to live for. I know life can be tough but you need to be strong. Reach out to your friends. We are all here for you.

  • Viewing 171 - 175 of 175
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