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Back after being in a coma for four years. Call me Henry, I write about horses with multiple personalities and anxiety.




I didn't disappear again, I promise · 10:45pm Nov 6th, 2020

This year sucked.

I've just been trying to cope. I'm in and out of various kinds of episodes. Quarantine has me fucked up. The last week has me in some fucked up relapse and I've been forgetting the days. I keep have fits of rage because I can't remember what year it is. I hate this.

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If you need anything. Need somebody to talk too. I'm your guy :) *hugs*


Thank you guys. I snapped out of it. At least for now.

Pyro. Please don't do it. You have so much to live for. I know life can be tough but you need to be strong. Reach out to your friends. We are all here for you.

Pyro I just saw what Rip posted...oh god please don't do it T^T Please as an old friend of yours on this site please don't kill yourself please:fluttercry:

  • Viewing 170 - 174 of 174
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