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Back after being in a coma for four years. Call me Henry, I write about horses with multiple personalities and anxiety.




Things slowly get easier · 3:27am January 14th

My birthday is in a few weeks, and it's surreal. I'm going to be 20, but I still feel like a child. I guess that comes with the territory of lost time

I've been recollecting the Build-a-Bear ponies recently. They made me really happy when I was an actual teenager, so I'm happy to be able to reclaim things I lost when I was gone for those four years (my BAB collection was sold, or given away, or something...)

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If you need anything. Need somebody to talk too. I'm your guy :) *hugs*


Thank you guys. I snapped out of it. At least for now.

Pyro. Please don't do it. You have so much to live for. I know life can be tough but you need to be strong. Reach out to your friends. We are all here for you.

Pyro I just saw what Rip posted...oh god please don't do it T^T Please as an old friend of yours on this site please don't kill yourself please:fluttercry:

  • Viewing 170 - 174 of 174
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