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Halo Head


Is this thing on? · 3:40pm Dec 6th, 2018

Hello, I have returned.

Nah I'm just kidding, I just wanted to check this account out of boredom.

I joined here when I was in my 2nd year of junior high school, and now I am on my-- wait for it-- 4TH YEAR OF COLLEGE!

My thoughts as I was reading my fanfic:
1. Holy heck, I did not know what grammar is back then (I still dont know it now)
2. Am I a furry?
3. Nope, definitely not one
4. Is this fanfiction a manifestation of my unconscious feelings toward my parents back then?

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Halo Head on Deviantart

Yo homie! yo' in mah page!

Things you need to know 'bout me!

if you want to be my bff, here is the consequence:
*just kidding*
but If you just want to be a dick around here, fvck off.

Once upon a time, I was born in July 19, 1999. I'm 13 years old, probably the youngest brony here. My OC is Halo Head, and no, I don't play Halo. She is like an angel, so it's Halo Head.

I like writing Human, Romance, and I'm going to try on Comedy and Sad. The best pony for me is Fluttershy, tied by Twilight Sparkle. My favorite princess is Princess Luna. I don't like M/M shippings and F/F. I like R63/Mane6.

I hate cockroaches, frogs, lizards. I love spiders. *snicker*

Favorite color is black. My favorite chocolate is Toblerone (like someone is going to give one to me *rolls eyes*).

I love Adventure TIme.

I usually do my own OC artwork, but I can't use photo shop or other editing program.

I'm a girl.

My complete name is Mi- *Fluttershy EEPed*.


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Thanks for the follow!


Do I see a fellow NERDS fan?

Hey Halo Head. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the favorite! It's really appreciated as I love to see when people are enjoying my work. :twilightsheepish:

Also, I'll just let you know there's more where that came from, so keep an eye out... :trollestia:

Thanks for the watch, mate! :pinkiehappy:

I realize that you've been here for a while, so please allow me to offer you a late welcome! Better late than never!

Welcome welcome welcome! A fine welcome to you!

Welcome welcome welcome! I say, how do you do?

Welcome welcome welcome to a choice you won't regret!

Welcome welcome welcome to FIMFiction.net!


Thanks for following me, Halo Head!:yay:

I really appreciate it and I hope my stories continue to entertain you in some way. :twilightsmile:

I recognize your name from a story you used to have posted here. I riffed it with a friend, but you removed the story before I could talk to you about it.

I just wanted to say the riff was strictly done for comedic purposes and hope that you weren't offended.

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