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Basically the place to be for all things wolf.

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A story where twilit is a werewolf and midnight controles the werewolf form and they have a sort of venom and eddie brock relationship

Sorry for bad inglish

so anyone knw a fanfic about a wolven war were the mane six travel to another part of equsteria where the have a war with a wolf clan and celestia and luna have a elder brother
if anyone knw the fanfic help me pls

shouldn't the just wolves section just have mc a intelligent wolf and not turn into a human or werewolf id be ok if a human turned into a wolf but i barely find them

355121 but Lycan is slang for lycanthrop of werewolf

A Wolfpack mayhaps I won't be a lone wolf

Hello there. Hope you folks enjoy that story. Been thinking about it for awhile now. Since 2009

Whoever doesn't like wolves is a bitch. :trollestia: (that was a joke not insult)

Wolves are best animal

352045 I asked myself that when I first joined months after you did.

Wow this place is perfect for me.

315799 *Cries a little*
The feels...why does this make me cry?

315799 Is this Celtic woman? Sounds like them.
or Enya

Hey, pups.

I automatically love all of ya, wolf lovers!!!

Although I know story has only one chapter with Timberwolves in it, they do get brought up semi-frequently. :twilightsheepish: :twilightblush:

I'm writing a story where the main character's a lycan - not a half pony-half wolf, but an actual wolf

Why am I not here already?

Black Flames- An interdimentual Ponywolf hybrid.:twilightsheepish:

Not to put too fine of a point on it, but shouldn't we have a Diamond Dog folder as well?

wolf folder...AWESOME!

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