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This is a story base meant for werewolf Fics I don't care what your story is about as long as it has been accepted and is about werewolves it can be put in this group if you join then welcome to the pack

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I'd like to see a MLP Wolfman 2010 crossover involving Lawrence Talbot appearing in Equestria after Gwen shot him and set him free, appearing as either still human or an Earth Pony.

A story where twilit is a werewolf and midnight controles the werewolf form and they have a sort of venom and eddie brock relationship

Sorry for bad inglish

I wonder how many people tried making a good werewolf story but forgot it Ive seen many of them un finished but the closest thing to a were wolf story I have ever read was animal The auther though i can not remember

I will not be getting on often my new account is MLP OC SilverFang found on Fanfiction.Net

Im working on getting another werewolf story up I'll have it up as soon as possible if anyone who joins wants to help me then just message me

365001 To my knowledge, 1.


I'm just curious, how many werewolf based stories are there on Fimfiction?

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