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This group will be for any werewolf, werepony, lycan fic on this site. But for the sake of grammar, they should be ether called marewolves or equinewolves. Because were = man and equine = horse/pony.

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377115 From what I recall, the lare has it that the original "WereWolf" turned into the Wolf only at the hours of the full moon, possibly a day or three before and after the actual full moon, which mean you have to observe this at hing.

The Party Pony, Pinkie Pie would feel like a good option for this show, on her all night party would be the best way to go.

376612 I guess I will have to be Pinkie for this scene?

Would it be better to imagine your looney Pony-Lupus on the next Party?

Time for an all nighter of a Party, in order to see her change?

376511 still twilight language

376505 YAY!!!

376493 Sometimes, catchy is good, there certainly are good places for it.
Starting at the novelcase where you picked up your latest edition of 'Daring Doo'.
376503 Now we just need to see how your Looney PonyLopus came out in print on the next (or previous) book cover?

376493 pony+loupus=loony(toons)

376492 Eguiwolf and Ponyloupus both sound kinda catchy.

376474 To a Point, it would have to depend on what Pony or Ponies were affected.
If there is just a Mare, or several Mares, then MareWolf would work, if it is more wide spread, maybe the EquiWolf would be more correct?
Since we have at least 2 kinds of wolves in Equestria, you may consider differentiating between the 2 as well?

Since it commonly was seen as a kind of a curse, the individual, or in this case Pony wasn't really even aware of it in the first place.

If your Pony turns into a Constelation wolf, Equi(PonyLOupus may be the word of choice?
As opposed to the Timberrwolf, or if they have a traditional wolf around?

376420 what would you suggest then? It cant be marewolves, as it only pertaines to one gender. Eguinewolves seems kinda cumbersome to me, but thats just my oppinion:twilightoops:

376418 Beast would be animals of Equestria.
OC, as in Original Character.
Since you introduced the OC, it is your task to name your OC.

343530 From the word, it seems to imply that the pony takes on a humanoid or human form, at the stipulated occasions.

When the description mentioned 'Lycean Fic', how much of the wolf, semi-wolf or time-chare wolf creatures or beasts would it take to pass, and which types are we talking of?
Aside from the fact that we have different kinds of wolves in Equestria.
Both the TimberWolf and the Constelation beast versions are currently roaming freely in the Everfree forest.
Are there other wolves I missed this far?

376414 Maybe I am putting too much effort and analysis into things like this from time to time?

hmm, how do I break down what I tried to say, without making you looking silly? or myself, for that matter.

What are you looking for in an episode for you to enjoy it?

sometimes we miss details, but it could be just as well.

You could imagine the joy of having a 'Private Library' covering the entire show from first to last aired Episode?

What characteristics are you looking at, when naming a Beast or OC?

Edit: sorry about the silly typo.

376411 I mean that your speaking smart and I'm not the smartest person.

376385 Wait, do you mean to say I sound as if I am speaking Equestrian, or just that I look like a Pony?

I think it is high time they placed Equestrian on the list of University classes by now, considering what have made it there already?

376377 speak human, not celestia language.

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