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I was bored, so I created this group for anypony who likes wolves as much as me, and decided to add them to a fic.
Have fun.

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Have some wolves: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/jYFGtp6Pqs8

(Also: hyenas, lions, and tigers.)

Wolves are best anything

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Hello, new and old members. Slow day, huh?

I am here to represent the Wolves of Fenris


Anyone thought about doing a Wolf's Rain crossover? It's an amazing old anime. It's really great and really sad. Why hasn't anyone done this?

Wow, I am suprised that the Upheaval series by Visiden Visidane isn't included in this group's story folder. The first story is almost completely focused on the conflict between a more fuedal equestria and a warrior race of wolves. Its good stuff.

wolves are best animals. Even I have a Timber Wolf character in my fic that talks, and is a good timber wolf as well.

i love this idea of wolves in equestria just rare to find any good reads?

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