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Update · 8:32pm Jun 7th, 2021

I'm just writing this to give people an update. I haven't really had much time to write in the last three and a bit months, the lockdown is constantly getting extended and I can't write very well at home.

On the note of home, I will be moving across the country in a couple weeks, so I should be able to get some writing done on the trip. So hopefully chapter 16 will be coming out relatively soon.

Thank you for your patience,

p.s. $GME to the moon.
p.p.s. not financial advice.

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Thanks for the favourite on Pokémon Red and Purple!

There is a reason that I have never changed the status of The Twilight Prince to cancelled or on hiatus, because it was never intended to be such. As of right now, chapter 14 is about half finished and I have even started a (second) rewrite of chapter 1(to the point where I have been thinking about starting a redux rather than just altering the original story). The problem is that I am a horrible procrastinator and easily distracted (I am also a glacially slow writer).

So like, I know you haven't updated your stories in a LONG time, but I just want you to know that I still really like The Twilight Prince and I hope you update it soon.

Thank you for favoriting Her Destiny!:ajsmug:

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