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The Herd is a group of writers dedicated to writing for fun. Were not too serious, although we do try to write as good as we can. Looking for writers from every kind of mlp fic. Also looking for editors and fans. Please no jerks. Critics welcome.

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I am thrilled to join The Herd writing group! Writing is not just a hobby for me; it's a passion. It allows me to express my thoughts and emotions in a creative way while also challenging myself to grow as a writer. I am excited to collaborate with other writers in this community and learn from their experiences. Sharing my work with others and receiving constructive feedback is also something I'm looking forward to. I have always loved writing since I was a child, and now I write texts on various topics for a website called HappyEssays. You can check out one of my recent geography essays here, however, I'm always eager to explore new styles and genres, and joining this group seems like the perfect opportunity to do just that. I believe that writing can have a positive impact on the world, and I'm excited to see what this group can achieve together. Thank you for welcoming me, and I can't wait to see where this writing journey takes us all!

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted March 12th

297649 BTW incase you forgot this is blue thunder

297649 and the posting continues
hows it going?

Comment posted by Lightning Flare deleted Jan 10th, 2013

Went on it today and i found the problem, creepers and zombies, i dont know how but, have swarmed my floating city and because they set on fire when the sun hits them and because my cloudsdale is made of wool, well you know how it goes from there.

PS how does the LAN work? Cos i dont know how

PPS LOL!:rainbowlaugh: your poor brother:pinkiesad2:

Have u read the story or heard the song, Rainbow Factory? I thinks its good but needs a bit more gore in it:pinkiecrazy: because we all have a little pinkimeana in our soul I:heart::pinkiecrazy:

297575 Its a sad sad day in rainbow land today, they were expecting a new shipment today....:rainbowlaugh:
But seriously, that really sucks. I remember once i covered part of my world with tnt to scare my brother when he came on. I placed a redstone torch to make him scream.... and i forgot to turn explosions off............ Luckily i had saved only an hour befor and the only thing lost in the rollback was a single house.

Im P.Oed right now, even though there was no fire based materials in the world, my city set on fire. I put it out but lost half the colosseum and my rainbow factory (where your fears and horrors come true). My rainbow factory (where not a single soul gets through) took me hours to build and mod, i even had working machinery.:twilightangry2:

297483 I've started a cloudsdale, canterlot, ponyville, a 176 by 176 by 176 pixel art cube, lunas castle, and have finished Sweet Apple Acres. (This done witl three friends on Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition) It has taken the four of us two months, thats how massive this project is.

I just drank vodka. And slept like a little follower of the apocalypse.:rainbowkiss:

Just made a cloudsdale on minecraft as well as canterlot, took me several months but ive finally done it:yay:

297469 Well we are still kinda the herd seeing as Schizoid Nightfall still comes on. He just doesnt comment.
I didnt get anyone other then Schizoid Nightfall at my party thing last night so i went over to Fillydelphia Radio and they were having a special show all night long.

Dude, theres been dozens of 'wrong readings' and all, as you can guess, lead to the next one then the next one ect.

I dont want it to end on the 7th, ill only be two days into being 16 :fluttershysad:

Not the herd anymore, its THE TWO GUYS.:pinkiehappy:

297454 I never see anyone else on anymore

297453 Nope, not going to end today, apparentally they counted wrong and now the world ends on September 7 2015. so theres still a chance yay

Anyone noticed that its just me and Blue Thunder posting? I have:fluttershysad:

I think its now safe to say the world isnt gonna end:pinkiehappy:

Shame, i wanted to see jebus:ajsleepy:

297445 too late? its 2:30 in the morning here XD

296092>>296089>>296086ITS THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT (and im staying up all night to welcome it) I will be posting all sorts of songs and videos and basicaly anything cool. I will have songs from Bagpipe Brony, And a rap battle between AcousticBrony and Mandopony (Explicit), and music from many other artists. I will have Apocalypse videos, And a crap load of awesome videos from FPSRussia. I will take requests and anyone can post any of there favroite You Tube videos or comment on any of the videos already posted. COME JOIN THE PARTY.

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