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Adan Druego

When mom says, "Your sister's later." Just pray it isn't an accusation. Surely, she''d have told you first, right?! RIGHT?!?!


Looney Left · 12:24am Saturday

People are realising 'how crazy and looney' the left really sounds

Plano City Council Refuses to Stand Up for Trans Rights

The Arlington City Council Abortion Freestyle

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I just had to thank you for your witty comment on Celestia's Darkest Secret, it's one of the funniest things I've read!
I loved the way you constructed a vignette with all the characters chipping in - brilliant!
I hope I may see more of your comments!

Thanks for adding "Monsters of Everfree" to your favorites. Feel free to take a gander at its prequel and sequel. :twilightsmile:

Glad you enjoyed that fic. Lots of alcohol and wasted hours watching Moonbase Alpha videos went into it.

Thank you for favouriting "Equestria 485,000"

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