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I'm hoping to finish my story tonight, but it might be tight so I hope that the due date is June 15 11:59 pm EST, haha! :'D

I added the wrong story how do i remove it lol.

Edit: never mind I corrected my error lol

Should there be a “#dialogue-only” tag for these stories on Fimfiction? We have crossovers, second-persons, etc.

For those of you still writing your entries, here's some useful help:

Thank you mah dude! :heart:

*unholy screeches*

Years of dialogue dumping in the comment sections will finally pay off

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Yay, validation!

I liked it

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Time to grind the competition to dust!


Your words will look minced compared to mine!


You will hardly be able to process how flawless my fic is!
Like... processed meat?
Someone help me out here.

Let's see what ya got!

(Me, someone who considers dialogue their specialty)


Let the games begin.

This has words that are not internal monologue or dialogue so therefore would be disqualified.

As far as I understand, this isn't allowed.

The spirit of the contest is to not use any words at all outside of a quotation or, at most, an italics thought.

"Twilight, we've been working at this for hours!"

"I know, Spike. But really, it's for the best."

Sure, but what about what's best for you?

"I'm just trying to make sure you don't work yourself to death, okay?"

Here's a quick example I just wrote - if my writing is worse than I thought and it wasn't obvious, this is a story told from the perspective of Spike :moustache: . Even without adding something like Spike spoke in an exasperated, desperate tone after the quote, or "Twilight replied" after Twilight speaks, the context still makes you aware of who is speaking at what time, and since we know the perspective as Spike, the italics imply he is the one thinking.

My example isn't amazing it's just what I did on the spot. If I did something wrong someone feel free to correct me.

So something like this? It's not mine, I'm just using it as an example:

"You’re kidding. You’re kidding, right?”

Celestia shook her head solemnly. “When have I ever played a joke on my little sister, Lu’?”

Luna raised an eyebrow.

"Okay, so when have I played a joke on you this month?

Luna’s eyebrow shot up again.

Celestia scowled. “Heyheyhey…That incident with the white paint was not my fault. He should have known the floor had just been washed.”

“You laughed your ass off!" growled Luna.

”I 'laughed my ass off', sister mine, because the paint had hit you smack in the face. With your dark coat, it made you look just like a mime. Anyway, the poor colt was so terrified of possible repercussions that I had to have a guard escort him home - he could barely stand, he was so frightened. I paid him triple as compensation as well.”

Luna grumbled and then grinned slightly. “Yes, I suppose put that way, it was amusing. Perhaps I’ll pay him a visit and tell him there are no hard feelings. But back to the point at hoof: you’re dating him?

"Yes. What of it?" asked Celestia.

"But he not even a pony, ‘tai!”

Celestia tutted. “Shame on you, Luna. Let’s not bring race into it - you know all are equal within our kingdom. Anyway, you’re hardly one to cast aspersions. I happen to know you have your eye set on a certain griffon. Shockreed was his name I think?”

Luna blushed. “You know about that? I thought I’d hidden that rather well. And it’s ‘Lockheed’.”

Celestia grinned at her younger sister’s discomfort. “You’ve always been the more emotional of the two of us. And not very good at hiding your feelings. I can see the attraction, though - he’s quite handsome.”

"Don’t evade the topic, sister. We were talking about your interest, not mine. And I still can’t believe you’re dating him.”

"I really fail to see your problem."

"But he’s so…crude.”

"I admit he is a tad rough around the edges, but it’s almost entirely an act. He’s surprisingly kind when he’s not working. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover."

"And the way he shouts all the time…”

Celestia cleared her throat. ”Remind you of anyone, Lu’?”

Luna had the good grace to be embarrassed.

"I mean it’s not like he knows it’s me anyway, Lu' - obviously I go out disguised unless it’s an official function, same as you do.He thinks I’m nothing more than a rather pretty pegasus named Dawnsun. This is just for fun: he gets some well deserved affection and I get more of a feel for the constituents of our kingdom - get to know them more as who they are. Our relationship is purely platonic.

"He actually complimented me on my beauty the very first time I saw him. We’d bumped into each other while at the market. He apologized extremely politely, even though it was really my fault and then commented on how lovely I was and asked my name. When I told him, he said it was perfect name for me. I was so impressed with his unexpected politeness that I decided to pursue a relationship. It actually took a while to get him to agree to begin dating; he’s rather shy in these situations.”

"Shy. Him?

"As I said, Lu': Book. Cover. Marvelous singing voice, too."

"Oh now you are kidding.”

Celestia raised a hoof and placed it over her heart.

"I promise - every word I speak is the truth. The two of us went to a karaoke bar, just for fun; the applause was quite extensive. We even had breakfast together once. Quite nice - he really took quite an effort to impress me. His Belgian waffles are to die for.”

"So he’s polite, he can sing well and he can cook?”

"Yes. Quite a ‘catch’ I believe the term is. Wouldn't you agree?"

"But…but…Iron Will?!"

"Book. Cover."

Celestia grinned wryly.


Could someone please direct me to where page for the info for this contest is? What are the characters and story themes we are supposed to/are being asked to write about? What are the requirements, word count limit, story submission limit, rules, deadline, and winning prizes? The only thing I know is that we have to write stories with only talking; no explaining actions. I am assuming that first person/second person inner dialogue of characters that explain their/others' actions throughout the story are out of the question? Thank you!

"I'm gonna morb"

"Blood Death, don't morb."



"RAAAAAAAA" (morbing noises)

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