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Some notes on HiE (That may or may not be useful) · 2:58am Nov 20th, 2022

Human in Equestria, or HiE from now on, is one of the most popular genres on FiMFic. This blog post is meant to go over a few thoughts I have on the genre that could be seen as tips. So this is essential a blog for those of you who plan on writing HiE, or know someone who plans on doing so. A lot of these tips are only really useful prior to starting the story, but regardless this might be an interesting read.

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I am a big fan of your stories! I really like your style! :twilightsmile:

So uh, if you're wondering about the deleted comments, it had more to due with people sending me "thank you"'s for faving their fics years ago. I have since made my bookshelves private to avoid that, so it's a none issue now.

Feel free to comment if you want to reach me for anything though.

Comment posted by Lunaria deleted Apr 6th, 2022
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