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On a one way trip to the moon


Celestia tries to not let her regrets haunt her. During the early days of her rule she made many mistakes, some of them taking over a millennia to unmake. Yet there are some she can't ever take back, no matter how hard she tries. In her briefs of respite she'd travel to her sun to reflect upon some of those mistakes.

The sun is a lonely place, one where Celestia can collect her thoughts. Yet unexpectedly, there is life there, the kind nopony would ever guess. For on the sun there is a garden blooming with the wildest of flowers...

This was the first fanfic I ever wrote. I finally took the time to edit it for release since I feel like it deserve a home somewhere. Don't expect anything amazing from this one. :raritywink:

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I wonder which family that is.

Like most things in this story, it's intentionally left vague. I wrote this with answers to most questions in mind, but there really isn't much space to explore them without feeling forced given the oneshot nature of the story. Maybe I'll write a sequel at some point, we'll see.

I only really noticed 2 typos, so it didn't need a major editing as it was :) The typos weren't dyslexia-related anyhow, just things all us authors do on occasion.

"..:They are all sunflowers, aren't they?"

Just a : instead of a third .

This was clearly the local Sol had chosen for their outing, she often did have a specific spot in mind for their meetings.

Locale, when referring to a location :)

Ah, yeah, thanks.

Also, what you see is *after* the editing pass I made. Trust me, it was in a *much* worse state before.

Apologies x3 My own writing is much worse generally, I hate rereading my own writing. I didn't mean to insult in any way. I wouldn't note typos if I didn't like a story's writing.

Nono, I appreciate the notice on the issues, that means I can fix them. I certainly didn't take any offense to your post.

And yeah, re-reading your own writing can be a bit daunting at times. I've found that it helps my own process a lot though.

Neat little story. Leaves so many things up to the imagination in all the right ways.

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