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New cover-art by Majestickfire9.

Oh My God, I LOVE IT!

My day was going great at first. Work was over for the week and I was leaving with a few mates to go hang in the city before heading home.

My plans kinda got detrailed though, when I melted into one of the walls and found myself in the Castle of the Two Pony Sisters from MLP. On top of that, I've, for whatever reason, turned into an anthropomorphic filly Alicorn.

Just what the hell is going on and how can I go home as a half pony?

In Popular Stories 9-14/8/2015. :yay:

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Aww poo... I was hoping for another chapter, this could take forever to finish.:fluttershysad: Oh well, I guess I have to wait.

6297951 Sadly, he said we have to wait for Fluttershy's brother to make his appearance in the show. So later when the show picks back up.

6298608 Sorry, it states that at the end of the second chapter in the author's notes.

6299800 your profile picture fits that statement.

6299914 Yes it is. It really gives you a lot to try and predict for the future of it.


I read and like it
I shall continue

OK, i have to admit I find the Brony thing rather obnoxious, but the story so far is really cute. Feels really in tune with MLP that a quick test later the reactions were: I have a daughter?!


Just... please no ultimate evil dude from nowhere that horribly maims the protagonist and gets thrown in ultimate pony hell this time around, please? I loved Living Nightmare until Alchemist showed up, and for both good and ill this story so far reminds me a lot of that one. :applecry:

Wat if Flutters doesn't have a brother?

Small typo

I wince as I suddenly fell another new appendages shift behind me, glancing back to see a tail the same colour as my hair.


Small typo

Also, it specified your age at a little more than five yeas.”

I think you meant years. :twilightsmile:

I love the expression s on their faces I just hate to see it when he goes back home

6300135 no need to worry. there will be no pony like alchemist in this one

These were minor announces at best, so the majority of Equestria never thought much of the little things.

Annoyances? :twilightsheepish:

So, first things first, without even continuing to read, I think you've already made a bit of a mistake:

The creature almost looked like the humans from Sunset Shimmer’s world... only they also looked like a pony, and not in the way she and her human friends did when their magic in that world activated.

You see by having it that this universe happens to be the one where Twilight does know of the EQG universe, you've taken out some of the mystery in discovering what was going on. Part of the fun of HIE stories is the ponies and the human dealing with alien elements.

Whereas, if this were indeed Nightmare Moon she would likely have cursed out loud before trying to make an escape

Uh, why wouldn't a human turned pony do this again? Seems like a very logical reaction. :rainbowhuh:

“So, where will she stay?” all three of us turn in surprise at Fluttershy’s words. She hides behind her mane for a moment, before coming back out and looking to me. “You can’t stay here by yourself. You’re just a filly.”

Why not say anything in response? Being called just a filly would tick me off.

hi. i accidently drew a filly version of your oc. it is in black and white as i just have a pencil. i'll be honest about this. i traced it so i would have reference material for my non-tracing drawings. but still it is a filly version of your avatar pic. if you want i can send you the picture later when i have access to wifi.it might be coloured by then!

I will be watching you, you see these eyes, these are the eyes of a satanic samaritan....Also, you can just use a fanmade oc of fluttershy's brother.

6319289 Are you implying that humans would naturally go full Disney villain? People have different coping methods.

6424573 I'm implying that if a human showed up in that situation with no context, they might get scared and do something stupid.

6424586 that is so for some people, some may curl up and just cry, others my get frantic.

6424591 I'm not arguing everyone is the same, I'm saying the character's assumption on what would happen doesn't make much sense. It's way more like an assumption than fact.

6424637 Poisonally, I would assume that the remarks you made were based on yourself.

6425591 :unsuresweetie: ... Nevermind. I was never trying to argue that's what I would do. I'm saying when a character states something as fact, like what I quoted, it better sound like fact.

6426186 Thou art forgetting perspective, some people think the way they act is how others may act

6429030 That's fine except other characters aren't that character. Twilight or any other of those ponies could have offered an argument to that.

6429044 Unless they were all on the same conclusion

PS. I will not be doing another chapter, much as i'd like to, until i've seen the episode with Fluttershy's brother, so i can work him into the family discovery as well.

You should have made this one a spoiler, Now I know something I didn´t wanted to know, but honestly I´m just not sure if I like it.

The story however itself is good. It is just, that I somehow am not able to like this season that much, half of it isn´t as good as it could be in my eyes. I somehow always wait for something bad, if I watch a new episode. I guess it already started with Tirek, but at least half of the season after it, and Starlight Glimmer where somehow good.

PS. I will not be doing another chapter, much as i'd like to, until i've seen the episode with Fluttershy's brother, so i can work him into the family discovery as well.
This also applies to other fics where Fluttershy is the mane focus, or one of them where i have yet to talk about her family in detail, so, sorry about that.
Hope you enjoyed this so far and, til next time, goodnight everypony

It seem that won't happend as soon as we tought ( the fandom in general I mean ) :applecry:

I wonder if she ( human male turned anthro female ) has THE STARE or not she does have the nightmare eyes oh well guess i'll find out later

:rainbowdetermined2: awesome story so far :pinkiesmile:


no. it's anthropomorphic.

also, any chance you're gonna pick this up again?

6614024 This story has been put on hold until Hasbro releases the episode that they plan on putting Fluttershy's confirmed brother in. This is only to make sure that the author has at least a little bit of an idea about him for if he makes an appearance. Sadly Hasbro is making us wait for next season for that episode though, at least I hope that they show him next season.

most resist heart-attack! morw please:fluttershysad:

This a good story and coming from a guy whom has read all of the best stories on fimfiction that's saying a lot keep did shit coming:pinkiehappy:

“I’d still like to know what brought Taylor into our world in the first place. Fluttershy, do you think Discord might know?”

“I might know what?” a loud, cheery voice rings out suddenly.

Flutttershy startles and I topple backward, falling off of her and hitting the ground with an “Ow.”

The mismatched master of chaos himself is standing there in front of our little group, smiling around at us all, before his eyes fall on me.

ah, the mash-up mixed monster master of madness and mayhem!

Holy fuck, you actually made another chapter of this fic?! FUCK YES. I love this story! I just wish you didn't have so freakin many of them so you could focus more on just a few, like this one.

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